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  1. jc12551

    How long to hold onto turkey eggs until incubation?

    My only hen is starting to lay, two eggs in four days so far. I am planning to incubate them and was wondering how long I can keep the eggs until popping them in? And how should I store them until incubation time?
  2. jc12551

    Mutant chick or not even a chicken chick?

    This chick came as part of the Cackle Hatchery Surprise. With the surprise you can get ANYTHING Cackle sells as day old. When I got my box (hatch date 6/2/14) I scanned the chicks to look for any non-chickens. The two ducklings were obvious . Lots of top hats and feather legged large fowl...
  3. jc12551

    Let's Talk About Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE)

    This is very, very long. I will try to explain a little. The questions I have are at the bottom. Background Starting in early March or late February I started buy a few chicks now and again at Tractor Supply. I also bought a few from a local hatchery. I started losing chicks in great...
  4. jc12551

    Penicillin G Procaine ok for turkey?

    I have a turkey tom, hatched May 2011, with a badly infected foot. In addition to cleaning the foot and bandaging it I plan on giving him some penicillin because he is bad off. This is the only kind I can find locally. Advice would be appreciated as to dosing and safety. I know how to give IM...
  5. jc12551

    Coccidiosis or ?

    I have several brooders of chicks of different ages (two months or less) from a local hatchery and from TSC (Mt. Healthy). Two weeks ago they started dying at a rate of four or five per day. Sudden onset, huddled appearance, not drinking or eating, pasty butt, loud peeping. Followed by...
  6. jc12551

    Bantam breed/color ID picture heavy

    These are only a couple days old and came from TSC via Mt. Healthy. Can anyone help me identify the breed? This one is really stumping me. Looks like a rose or pea comb, clean legged, dark coloring down the front of the legs. Pretty sure these three are OEGB and are possible three...
  7. jc12551

    TSC Chick-sex link?

    I grabbed these two out of the "Red Pullet" bin at Tractor Supply last week. Came from Mt. Healthy. I am thinking some kind of sex-link/hybrid? Single comb, yellow legs, normal toes, about a week old. side view of #1 back view of #1 head shot Wing Body shot back shot
  8. jc12551

    TSC chicks! SLW?

    I got five of these today at TSC out of the "pullet" bin. They came from Mt. Healthy.All of the chicks in the bin looked like this except for one that was solid black on top with white underparts and a reddish dot on its head (which I had to buy, of course). This chicks all have red on their...
  9. jc12551

    Partridge Cochin Bantam?

    This nice looking fellow was picked up from TSC in early March. I have been trying to get a picture of him for weeks and this is the best I could do! I know it is a terrible picture. He has green sheen on his breast, wings, and tail. Here he is as a chick (at least I think it is him!):
  10. jc12551

    Turkey hatching and raising chickens

    I have a blue slate turkey hen that has been sitting on chicken eggs. One hatched this morning and is doing fine (sitting on her back!). Two more hatched while I was in town, but when I came back they were smooshed dead. I candled the rest of the eggs, threw out the infertile ones, and put...
  11. jc12551

    Heat stroke? Or something else?

    It was in the lower 90's today and humid. I had the fans on in the coop (I have broodies) and the mister going. Hubby and I changed the waterers several times to replenish them with cool water. I have waterers inside and outside the run. Plus we have several low dishes of water set around for...
  12. jc12551

    Feather-footed bantams from TSC-lots of pics

    I managed to score 6 assorted feather footed bantams this morning at TSC. They all seem to have single combs except for the two silkies. They are so tiny it is hard to tell for sure yet! #1-four toes, sparse feathers on shank, shanks black on top, feet are white on bottom?, half the size of...
  13. jc12551

    Turkeys Stomping

    You can all laugh at me over this. I am sure all of the experienced turkey keepers knew about this behaviors.... On Monday I was home with my youngest and I kept hearing someone knocking on the door. I work/live at a boarding school so I am used to students being around, plus I have several...
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    double post
  15. jc12551

    Found a secret nest

    I found a secret nest in my shed on Wed. It had about 6 eggs in it. I went away for the holidays and now there are 15 eggs in it. The eggs are coming from three-four different hens. One hen sits on it at night, but abandons it all day. I removed the brown eggs and left the six blue eggs (so...
  16. jc12551

    BTW Japanese Pullet Gone!

    I have four BTW Jap. pullets hatched in May that give me three eggs every day. I have only been getting one or two recently and I found a hidden nest in the run last week with three eggs in it. Yesterday I came home and heard a hen cackling in the woods. It was around 10pm, but we got...
  17. jc12551

    Dog Attack

    I need to vent, because all my real life friends think I am nuts for caring about my chickens. This afternoon my son and I were in the living room when we heard the chickens and turkeys screaming. I ran out to find my neighbor's red hound dog tearing through the yard with a cuckoo maran in...
  18. jc12551


    I was sitting here in my living room reading my devotional when I heard the distinct sound of dog food being eaten outside the window. Since the dog (rat terrier) is in the laundry room I assumed it was one of the chicken-killing neighborhood dogs. I turned off the living room light, grabbed...
  19. jc12551

    28 degrees with frost tonight...

    My turkeys normally sleep in an oak tree. This will be our first severe weather since they hatched in May and I am not sure if I should wrestle them into the chicken coop tonight or not. In the coop they would sleep on the ground, which is slightly wet. I don't have enough perches for the...
  20. jc12551

    How long to brood chicks and poults together?

    I currently am brooding my poults (hatched 5/11) and chicks (hatched 5/11 and 5/16) together in a large wire-wrapped kiddie pool in my coop. Right now they get along fairly well. The poults keep to themselves on one side of the pool. The BTW Japanese bantams are a bit territorial over one of...
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