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  1. steve2495

    ow many bantam eggs can a eco 20 hold?

    just got this incubator an i love it! i am going to set some soon and am wondering if i have 20-24 bantam cochin eggs in how many serama eggs can i fit in there safely with the other eggs. thank u!
  2. steve2495

    wc blue/black/splash polish breeders

    i ended up with one wc black standard polish pullet from some shipped eggs and i love her!! i want to get some more wc polish that i can breed her with. i LOVE the wc blue color and think splash is prty cool. wc black is nice but am more interested in the other two. i want to find a good breeder...
  3. steve2495

    WTB buff or red bantam cochin trio/hens! northern IL

    looking for a few buff or red cochin bantam pullets or hens. they has to b at least breeding age and at least a good bq preferably sq. i am in northern il and would love to pick some up but will accept any that are shipped. they will b used as part of a buff barred project and will good lives.
  4. steve2495

    Need An Incubator!!

    i rly need an incubator because i have to hatch a large # of chicks and the 30+ eggs will not fit under two hens' buts (they go broody on command ) so ya i need one with an auto turner and can hold 30+. i would also like one with a nice thermometer/hydromometer
  5. steve2495

    WTB butterscotch call eggs/ducklings! northern IL

    i rly want to buy some butterscotch call duck eggs from sq parents soon or ducklings in a month or so. they r such an amazing color and so cool looking. anybody have any or know of anyone who has them? thank u!
  6. steve2495

    Any interest in bantam cochin chicks? MANY CHEAP!!! N IL possible ship

    i think i am going to hatch out 30+ chicks in order to get golden barred chicks. i wil prbly only end up with 2-3 chicks with the color i desire so i will 25+ chicks that i dont need. i would prefer pick up but i would ship. i would prbly charge a $1-$2 a chick for pick up and maybe $2-$3 for...
  7. steve2495

    hows my barred cochin bantam roo and his kids?

    look at post#8for offspring.jw if this roo is sq, bq, pq? he is about 2 yrs old i think mayb a little less and is the sweetest thing ever. ive had him since he was a day old. i was going to show him at the county fair this yr but they moved locations and didnt have time to make a barn for the...
  8. steve2495

    cockerals or pullets? 5-6 week old standard wc polish and bantam ee

    the title says most of it. the wc polish is a few days older than the banty ee. i also have a few silkie chicks this age but i assumed they were tytt. here are the pics. thank u!
  9. steve2495

    Psuedo birchen cochin bantam GOLDEN BARRED OFFSPRING 8+ eggs $20 w/sh

    6+ eggs for $23 shipping included. I just recently found out that my birds are considered psuedo birchen and that their offspring will be 1/2 psuedo birchen 1/4 black and black leaking red and 1/4 GOLDEN BARRED. the golden barred offspring will probly have some black in the feathers but that...
  10. steve2495

    goin broody?

    my one cochin banty just hatched some eggs for me and is now raising the cutest babies but know my other hen has been staring at the hen and babies and is taking hours to lay her egg for the past few days. while she is on the nest she acts as if she is broody. sticking her neck feathers up...
  11. steve2495

    Psuedo birchen cochin bantams GOLDEN BARRED OFFSPRING 48 hour auction

    6+ eggs. I just recently found out that my birds are considered psuedo birchen and that their offspring will be 1/2 psuedo birchen 1/4 black and black leaking red and 1/4 GOLDEN BARRED. the golden barred offspring will probly have some black in the feathers but that can b bred out easily and...
  12. steve2495

    when will she start laying again??

    right now my amazing cochin banty is raising some chicks for me. she saved the eggs for me after my incubator basically blew up two days b4 the hatch. i am so happy!! but i am wondering when will she start to lay again? will she wait till the chicks are all grown up or sooner? thank u!
  13. steve2495

    what color silkie chicks??

    i love these 4 little babies so much!! they r such cute fuzz balls. i am thinkin 3 splashes and a blue! what do u guys think? thank u more pics added post 13
  14. steve2495

    frizzled buff bantam cochins?

    i have nvr seen any and since i was thinking about starting gold barring i would love to include frizzle! does anyone have these? do they exist? thanks just thought that they would look rly cool and would love some
  15. steve2495

    ee chick ?

    i had two bantam ees hatch a few days ago. i love both of them . they both came from rly blue eggs however one is a brown striped small compact chick with greenish legs and the other one is white striped long and thin with yellow legs? arent all ees supposed to have green legs? do u think it...
  16. steve2495


    i havent seen too many ppl from northern illinois. im in lake forest. post if ur in northern il!
  17. steve2495

    project: gold barred banty cochins

    i was trying to get this answered on the other post but it was on the 3rd page and no one seemed to care . basically i want to know how u make gold barring. from the other post it sounded like barredXbuff bred to buff i currently have a barred roo a barred/buff roo and two barred/buff hens i...
  18. steve2495

    how do i go about shipping birds?

    ok i may have some extras roos in a few months and i rly want to find them good homes ive seen tons of posts for roos fs but it is pick up only and amny ppl want them but they dont live near by and would need the bird shipped. i figure if i was able to ship my birds id b sure to find them a good...
  19. steve2495

    ugh i hate my incubator help plz

    so right after i had my first chick hatch my incubator decided to go freakin insane. it shot up to 130 and no matter how much i turned the dial thing back it kept on goin up. it was at 130 for about an hour i had my thermometer in the brooder setting up for the one little chicky. then i...
  20. steve2495

    I got a pip!!

    I went into my room(also where the incubator is) and heard a little chirp! could it be?!? sure enough i looked into my incubator and saw a tiny pip in one of my wc blue/black polish eggs!! compliments of chicknjake. i am so excited i have two of these eggs due to hatch 2morrow. and 8 more due...
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