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  1. primal woman

    poult hatchlings and 'flip' over

    How do hatcheries manage the flipping that seems so common in turkey hatchlings? When they fall over on their back, so frequently there are those who can't turn back over. I do wonder how hatcheries with hundreds if not thousands of poults manage this issue. Or do they not have the issue? (broad...
  2. primal woman

    large gallbladder issue, white droppings in 1 wk. turkey poult.

    A turkey poult from a feed store had white droppings. It died. Upon inspection, I found the gallbladder was HUGE. Googling revealed white poops can be caused by a blocked bile duct. Any experience with this and the cause? It was one week old direct from feed store on half cracked corn and half...
  3. primal woman

    What kind of chickens are these?

    They are pure breeds and the eggs came from a hatchery. But I got the chicks from someone else. She bought the eggs of unknown breeds. Is the black hen (with some brownish streaks in neck) an Australorp? what about this rooster? Thanks.
  4. primal woman

    Lost my genuine Dutch bantam rooster, sad

    Here is a picture of him and it does not do him justice. I don't show chickens, but he is originally out of someone's show stock. This info was in my notes: (from Mary Hoyt-Kristy and Jean) Someone may know this 'line'. So just asking you to cry with me! I do believe I know who took my little...
  5. primal woman

    how to judge best of the group of newly hatched PURE CORNISH

    Hatched out some dark cornish. Thought I'd keep a few. Given they change as they grow and then change again and again likely, could someone experienced tell me what to look for to pick the best ones? Such as squatty looking body? Shorter legs? Wide heart shaped back? Head? I thought too, that if...
  6. primal woman

    dark cornish with swollen ankles

    Both ankles are swollen and hard. Been like this for over two months. She is ok standing on the one foot, but not the other. No sores or open wounds on the bottom of her feet. Any ideas what this is or what may have caused it or what I can do besides put her out of her misery? Jumping off high...
  7. primal woman

    Blue Headed pure Cornish?

    Attached are pictures of Cornish I hatched. The blue headed one; what gives? Anyone know? I also attached a pic of it when it was younger....downless. (discussed on another post) Seems these combs are a bit different from each other, but they are so young. Can anyone tell the sexes of these...
  8. primal woman

    Pure Cornish game chicken colors

    I have searched the internet and have been unable to find what colors the pure Cornish can be. Anyone have any info on this? I have White Laced Red cornish that hatched. Some that are growing with more solid red colors than I expected. And one chick, the one that was born with no down, is...
  9. primal woman

    what color if you cross WLR Cornish with Dark Cornish?

    I will be breeding the WLR's with the Dark. What color will I get?
  10. primal woman

    Little Giant incubator piece of crap

    Some time ago I read a web site of someone who recommended the Little Giant over the hovabator incubator. I bought one. It has had to be replaced once already as it was very unreliable in its temperature control. Later I bought the turner and it is less than 2 months old and it now is making a...
  11. primal woman

    what sex are these two?

    I thought the red one was a hen, but I saw it step on that barred rock like it was a young rooster. They are 12 weeks old. The red one is a Barred rock/White Laced Red cornish cross. The barred one is a barred rock crossed with unknown.
  12. primal woman

    parrot raising supplies and tons of paper information

    I used to raise parrots and have cataloged magazine articles and parrot raising supplies for sale. Edited 6-21-12. Even though this is an old post of mine, I still have the parrot informational articles and such. I would like to sell this wealth of information. Thanks. Email [email protected]
  13. primal woman

    Lyon electric accurate incubators (2)

    Two incubators, one automatic turner, three egg rings. These are ten turn solid state. Priced new would be over 750 for all. Lyon Electric is in Chula Vista, CA email [email protected] located in NE Oregon.
  14. primal woman

    what sex are these dark cornish

    I think they are roosters, but want to be sure. And what exactly are you looking at? The face as well as the changing feathers from juvenile laced to unmarked adult on the wing? They are 12 weeks old. Thanks in advance. I have more pictures if needed.
  15. primal woman

    chick hatched with almost no down

    I have never seen anything like this. This chick is almost naked. Anyone else ever have this experience and know the cause?
  16. primal woman

    too many WLR Cornish pretty soon!

    Thought I’d post some of my chickens here. Likely they won’t suit the show people since they are not show stock, but I want meat and eggs and a project of my own. I don’t show. I am hatching WLR Cornish at present and since it seems they are hard to find, it is hard to just eat her eggs! One...
  17. primal woman

    barred rock and golden sex link results and question about cornish

    If a barred rock hen is crossed with a golden sex linked rooster ( which is: red rooster such as RR or NH? crossed with a white rock. Correct?) are the chicks sex linked colored? (the rooster looked like an isa brown in the pictures I have seen, but the hatchery did not know what it was when I...
  18. primal woman

    cornish, barred rock and muscovy wanted

    I would like to get some cornish (maybe preferably dark cornish) and barred rock (or white rock) chickens. (hens or roosters) I would also like some Muscovy ducks. Anyone have any extras? Any ideas for shipping if distance is a problem? I am in NE Oregon. Thanks.
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