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  1. flockoffour

    How to make hen STOP laying?

    I suspect one of my hens has been laying internally. She stopped laying a couple years ago and has a firm, enlarged abdomen area along her body beneath her vent. This "lump" has fluctuated in size over time, sometimes diminishing to being very small, or sometimes feeling very large and lumpy...
  2. flockoffour

    Does this pullet have Marek's?

    She is about 7 weeks old and is normal weight, looks healthy, is eating and drinking, however she has trouble walking. It seems like a strength issue to me, as she can still move her legs fairly well, and can walk almost completely normally when I use vet wrap to tape them so she can brace...
  3. flockoffour

    How are eggs collected from cage free hens commercially?

    Where do commercial cage free hens lay their eggs/how are they harvested for sale?
  4. flockoffour

     Where do chickens store fat?

    How can you tell if a chicken is fat, and where on their body is fat stored?
  5. flockoffour

    Why do Cornish crosses seem to have more health problems than regular cornish chickens?

    Just curious, as I've read a lot about cornish X's having a lot of issues, but I haven't heard the same for regular cornish chickens. Thanks
  6. flockoffour

    Why did my flock suddenly develop so many health issues?

    About 3-3.5 years ago I got 4 chicks, and about a 1-1.5 years ago I got an additional two. It seems lately that everyone from my original flock started to develop strange and random health problems. One of my hens layed a lash egg and had an infection, and sadly passed away a couple months ago...
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    Sick hen, Please Help! Lethargic and green, watery poop

    My Ameraucana hen started losing weight and having noticeably less energy, so she is by herself in a run adjacent to her friends where she can see them but not worry about hiding from them. She lost weight and is having a very small appetite, and has been drinking less than normal although she...
  9. flockoffour

    my hen is acting lethargic? PLEASE HELP

    I've had some weird occurrences lately with my black Australorp hen. She hasn't layed in almost a month, she doesn't seem to be showing any signs of being egg bound (I felt around her vent and all seemed normal). The past three weeks she would act on and off "lazier" than usual then bounce right...
  10. flockoffour

    Cracked beak, please help!

    I noticed yesterday that my ameraucana has a cracked beak. Normally if the cracks are not big or do not seem to cause any problems, I will let them heal on their own. However, my ameraucana has a crack that starts from the side of the upper part of her beak, has an abrasion-like look right under...
  11. flockoffour

    Is my hen eggbound?? Please Help

    I've noticed that my black australorp hasn't laid an egg in probably 4 days, and she is moving a bit slower and has a lot less energy. I wasn't sure what was going on until I noticed she had what appeared to be the clear part of an egg and possibly a little yolk in a couple of her poops. She...
  12. flockoffour

    Chicken has chipped/cracked beak, please help! (Photos included)

    I noticed that my My ameraucana's beak looks as if the "outer shell/layer" is chipped or breaking off. She doesn't seem to have trouble eating, as the "tip" of her beak is still there under the chipping outer part. Please let me know if you have seen this problem before or know of any ways of...
  13. flockoffour

    How to do feeding when pullets are living with adult hen?

    I am about to get baby chicks and they will move into a coop with an adult hen when they are 7-8 weeks. The feed I use is not intended for chickens under 18 weeks, but my adult hen needs it, as it is her layer feed. How should I go about feeding them together? Should I use a different feed that...
  14. flockoffour

    Polish chickens wanted in California

    I am looking to buy a few polish chickens (I can take chicks, pullets, or hens) that are silver laced. I am flexible with the price, and I'm not looking for show quality birds, as these chickens will just be pets. Please message me and let me know if you have any available or are planning on...
  15. flockoffour

    Sex link with silkie or frizzle?

    Is it possible (depending on the hen) to havrnsex-linked chicks with a silkie or frizzle roo? If so, what color would it have to be and what color/breed would the hen have to be?
  16. flockoffour

    Are automatic incubators noisy?

    Are automatic egg incubators noisy at all? Do you recommend an specific ones? Would it be quiet enough to keep in a bedroom, for example considering the noise level? Are there any good ones that aren't too expensive? Thanks for the help!
  17. flockoffour

    Hen? Rooster? I dont even know! Please help me!

    I own four chickens. Two of which are bantam polish. I used to have three polish, but one of them turned out to be a rooster and we had to get rid of him a while ago, maybe a month. My chickens are now 17 1/2 weeks old, and I have noticed one of my other polish starting to crow in the mornings...
  18. flockoffour

    Chickens ate doritos??

    My parents were watching my chickens for me for a couple days, and when I returned this morning, I found them eating limes and Doritos that were left over from the night before that my parents had given them. I know about citrus, but what is the danger from eating the Dorito's? I'm not sure how...
  19. flockoffour

    8 week old pullet crowing? PLEASE HELP!!!! WORRIED CHICKEN OWNER

    I own four chickens (3 Polish and one Silke, all bantams) from which I got at our local feed store when they were a day old. They were supposed to come sexed, so I wasn't too worried about getting a roo, although it was always in the back of my mind that I may get one. Right now, my chickens are...
  20. flockoffour

    How long do chickens sleep per day?

    I was wondering about how long an average adult chicken sleeps a day? How long do your chickens sleep each day? Thanks.
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