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  1. blue90292

    Pure Paul Smith Ameraucana Roos - Austin TX or San Antonio

    are these cockerals still available? if so, will you be at the fancy feathers show? michlee
  2. blue90292

    FS: Backyard Poultry Magazine and Countryside & Small Stock Journal

    I have couple magazines for sale: Backyard Poultry Magazine February/March 2009 issue $1.50 Countryside & Small Stock Journal Magazine September/October 2009 issue $1.00 They have been read through. $1.00 postage. 50 cents additional for additional magazines.
  3. blue90292


    bob, do you by chance know who we need to contact for the la grange show. i've been getting contacted by people that want to attend wanting to know how to get on the list for a catalog. thanks.
  4. blue90292

    Next three shows in Texas

    If anyone is interested, just a reminder of the next three shows in Texas. The La Grange show is on March 7th, the Beaumont show is on March 28th, and the Fancy Feathers Show at New Braunfels is on April 4th. Entry forms and other information regarding the Beaumont show can be found on my blog
  5. blue90292


    nope, that blue orp is mine. LOL i can tell because his comb is scabbed up. my blue orp had gotten into a fight with a barred rock the week before and had messed up his comb. and i think dan brought a black orp cockeral that won best english.
  6. blue90292


    slide show the password is BBC2009
  7. blue90292


    the direction are on page 4. if you can't open the .pdf, i'll try and type it out later. directions to the show
  8. blue90292

    Bento Box Fever!

    i found this site. it's from the hot dog company in japan whose hot dogs (weiners) i ate as a kid. i know ya'll can't read it but if you click on the blue letters, it'll show the step by step tutorial on a pop up window, of how to cut the hot dogs. and the section peices are stuck together with...
  9. blue90292

    Bento Box Fever!

    OMG! this is too cute!! it's a radish, tomato, daikon, eggplant, carrot and bell pepper!!! my son won't eat vegetables. maybe he could pretend by eating cheese and ham cut into vegetable shapes.
  10. blue90292

    Bento Box Fever!

    so we were thrilled with our new bento box and i made him this lunch for today. it actually had two weiners but he ate one before i could close the lid. that's leftover hamburger that i cut up into 4's. i think the weiner needed to be bigger because it didn't flare like a penguin when i...
  11. blue90292

    eggs overload!!!

    i made frittata the other day. it used 6 eggs. and here's tons of variations on frittata's
  12. blue90292

    Chicken recipe needed

    Quote: wow, that squash casserole looks yummy. i love squash. must be why.
  13. blue90292

    Bento Box Fever!

    i got buster's bento supplies from bento crazy! yay. i was totally surprised. it came from yokosuka japan, from the naval base. i guess navy mom's are enterprising too. i got the quail egg molds, the penguin sausage maker, the rice mold that's a fish and the pikachu bento box. OMG, the bento...
  14. blue90292

    Cornish x's vs Heavy Breed Cockerels Any suggestions

    Quote: i think that's the point alot of people who are disappointed with the cornish X don't get. these birds were genetically breed to be the way they are. it is stupid for pp people to expect the cornish to act otherwise. can you imagine trying to cage that many birds to feed the nation if...
  15. blue90292

    Eggs, How Good Are They?

    i can't taste the difference either. i have customers who swear they can taste the difference. but i do know that my 6 year old son, who would never finish his breakfast in the morning, started finishing his eggs after i started having my own eggs. so there must be a difference somewhere.
  16. blue90292

    Bento Box Fever!

    OMG, this is just too cute!
  17. blue90292

    Bento Box Fever!

    we were at an outlet mall this weekend and i stepped into the pottery barn outlet and found this. the above left is a chicken timer and the rest are ice cream sandwich molds but i figure i can use it for rice balls. go texas!
  18. blue90292

    where to buy colored rangers?

    that's funny. mine, the bottom were perky and the top not so much. i gave them vitamin water along with some heat and by day 2 they were all doing great. i kept 16, sold 10 to a neighbor, another 25 to jon and the rest got sold at the feed store. they're around 3 weeks old now and i let them...
  19. blue90292

    Anyone ever raised a Turkey only to find they could not eat it?

    Quote: what a beautiful tom!
  20. blue90292

    Bento Box Fever!

    i just found this. it says it's an ice cream sandwich maker but i thought it could be used for the rice ball mold. i thought the rooster was particularly cute. and i finally broke down and bought this for my son...
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