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  1. floridachickhatcher

    Thinking about selling all natural flock bricks.

    My mom is wanting me to create a website to try and sell all natural gmo-free flock bricks, we made some today and they weigh 5lbs so they are pretty solid lol ^_^ , But I can't help but wonder " Would there be a demand? " I know that you can buy flock blocks/forage cakes/suet cakes from feed...
  2. floridachickhatcher

    Questioning myself about my outside cat need insight please!

    Yes, he was fixed a long time ago! I firmly believe in keeping animals neutered and spayed. And I use to have a door lol but he started head butting it and ramming it to the point that he broke my door off the hinges and when I would put him outside my door he would whine and moan. And when I...
  3. floridachickhatcher

    Questioning myself about my outside cat need insight please!

    About 2-3 years ago I bumped my dom shorthair, Milo, outside because he was always whining and running around the house like a horse, He's 7 years old now and I lost my flame-point siamese just last month to unknown causes who was found along with Milo as a kitten. Chester didn't care when Milo...
  4. floridachickhatcher

    Missing my cat very much today after his death :(

    My almost 7-year-old Flame-Point Siamese died this morning... I don't know what happened He was fine the day before and then last night he started panting and I thought he was hot since I'm in Florida and I tried to help cool him down. But this morning he was still panting when I woke up after...
  5. floridachickhatcher

    March 2017! Hatch with us!

    Chicken and its gonna be mixed breed chicks ^_^
  6. floridachickhatcher

    March 2017! Hatch with us!

    Hello! I stopped hatching myself a couple of years ago but I'm back at it again! I set eggs yesterday and today and they will be hatching March 27th & 28th. And I will be setting Batch #2 in my second incubator next week. I like to space them out to make sure they will not hatch out while the...
  7. floridachickhatcher

    I need help with a stray female cat who found my home

    Okay about I wanna say Nov of this past year I discovered a stray cat who turns out was EATING!! my outside cats food so he lost quite a bit of weight from lack of eating and He has just finally started gaining some weight back cause before it took two hands to lift him and I was picking him up...
  8. floridachickhatcher

    Looking for Roosters in Palatka,FL area

    Not sure if im in the right forum or not,I live in Palatka,FL and im looking to replace the rooster i have because he is not doing his job as a rooster and mating with the hens.And since its hatching season when i candle my eggs im seeing that they are empty.
  9. floridachickhatcher

    Question about Cross Breeding a White Leghorn Roo with a Brown Egg laying Hen

    Thats what we figured would happen. I told her the best thing to do is just buy White Rock Hens and White Rock Roo since i like to use them to make Sex Links..I did last year and i hatched out the 2 most beautiful Red Sex Link Roosters
  10. floridachickhatcher

    Question about Cross Breeding a White Leghorn Roo with a Brown Egg laying Hen

    Me and my mom would like to get some Rhode Island Whites but since they are rare and only place that sells them is by special ordering at Tractor Supply and it would cost us over $100 for 20 hens and 5 Roos so we were wondering. If i took a White leghorn and breed him with say a White...
  11. floridachickhatcher

    Need some help if possible with my cat

    My cat Milo is just under a year old,he was abandoned back in may of 2012 with another 3 other kittens. He was in a bad way he had fleas,malnourished,needed a bath and grooming and he had ear mites. Now he is pretty much a fat lazy Garfield ^_^ that's what we call him. And he is one of those if...
  12. floridachickhatcher

    Hatching Eggs By The Moon Thread

    Im sorry everyone i know i said i would update it every month and i haven't in 3 months im sorry i have just been soo busy and tired i finally got around to updating it today the dates for JUNE,JULY&AUG have been posted
  13. floridachickhatcher

    I need advise on how to kill mites/fleas i dont know whats on them

    I live out in the country in Florida and im just so sick and tired of all the fleas/mites getting on my chickens and attaching to their faces i told my mom im to the point im ready to just stop with chickens all together cause how are we suppose to sell the hen when its got mites/fleas on its...
  14. floridachickhatcher

    Companion Planting

    My sister told me and my mom about this site i figure since the new garden section it would help other gardeners It teaches you about pairing plants together like tomatos pair them with basil and it improves the flavor and marigolds to keep pest away Or with Corn plant them with Sunflowers...
  15. floridachickhatcher

    Hatching Eggs By The Moon Thread

    Yeah i love it myself it works great with dry hatching but on my last hatch i did horribly cause of the florida heat i only had 19 hatch out that lived i lost half of my eggs but with this hatch i now have 100 baby chicks
  16. floridachickhatcher

    need help my 9mo buff orphinton hens are not laying

    not sure if im posting in right section but anyway i ordered 28 buff orphinton hens from meyer hatchery last year and i got them in July and well here it is April of this year and only 8 of the buffs are laying eggs we know they arent hiding the eggs and my mom gave them some iron cause she saw...
  17. floridachickhatcher

    please help my 8mo buff hens are laying terribly

    i ordered my 8mo now buff hens back in July 2011 they came here July 14 so they turned 8mos march 14 roughly and they are well over the age of when they should start laying and i love the buffs cause they are pretty and calm but we are only getting 8-10 eggs a day and i have 25 hens and 2 roos...
  18. floridachickhatcher

    Hatching Eggs By The Moon Thread

    Ohhhh those emus are so cute as babies ^_^ i met a guy who lives around the corner and up the road he wants 100-200 baby chicks and i saw his emus lol there was a white pekin duck in with them and lol he was chasing after one of them and even bitting there necks and the emus were laying down on...
  19. floridachickhatcher

    Hatching Eggs By The Moon Thread

    i now have 31 baby chicks and then i have 3 eggs in there that i think died thats my best hatch yet last year my best was 22 Then after tomorrow when they have dried i can bury those eggs and clean that stinky bator cause i have to have it ready before thursday when i put more eggs in...
  20. floridachickhatcher

    Hatching Eggs By The Moon Thread

    yeah i have 28 baby chicks so far and i think 2 eggs are duds and the rest of them look good i can feel the moving around in the egg and some where they are peaking at the egg
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