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  1. Connorrm

    Schenectady, NY - Chickens?

    Real longshot - does anyone know if we are now allowed layer hens? There was some discussion back in august, but I have seen nothing since.
  2. Connorrm

    Threads on Breeding Meat Birds

    Hey All, Haven't been active on here in about a decade. But, buying some property and moving back out of the city! Wondering if there are any thread people can think of that documents the raising/crossing/breeding of meat birds. I remembered forever ago various projects. Wondering how they...
  3. Connorrm

    Chick with Leg sticking straight back....

    Hey All, Had a chick hatch like this: Cant seem to get it's leg under him. Anyone know of what I can do to help?
  4. Connorrm

    Live Feed for Ag Program Inside!

    Hey All, Thought you might enjoy this - have a live feed going on our eggs for the ag class. This is the first time I've ever hatched (same with them). Today is day 20, we have our first pip. It is the egg second from the top all the way to the right. You can see the little pip hole. He's the...
  5. Connorrm

    New Hatcher, and a question

    Hello All, Been a LONG time since I've been on BYC! Anyway, I work for a small rural school. They have a tiny ag program. They wanted to hatch eggs, and they had a dismal 100% fail rate. They were only turning eggs once a day, didn't measure humidity - basically anything they could do wrong...
  6. Connorrm

    Silkie Chick Color?

    A friend got this cutie from a swap. I know sexing Silkies is impossible at this age, but what color is he? Lots of smokey blue/tanish color!
  7. Connorrm

    Processed my Buff Orphingtons

    Well, for those of you wondering how non-cornish cross chicks are here you go. Today my 10 Buff Orphington Roosters were processed. They were raised on free range with meat bird feed (I wanted to see if it gave them that Oomph). These birds are not gorgers so I don't think the feed made any...
  8. Connorrm

    Pre-Made Coop Help

    I have someone wanting a trio of chickens (2 hens and a Roo) but would like to just buy a coop that could accomodate this. She lives in Upstate NY so would need something good for the winters. Any ideas?
  9. Connorrm

    *Pats himself on the Back* ARBA Judge #923

    That's me! YAY!
  10. Connorrm

    What Color are my TSC Silkies?

    I know some look really darker than others...but they are all pretty much the same color with a few white ones mixed in. Ignore the Cayuga ducklings. Love them! The silkies snuggle right up under them!!
  11. Connorrm

    What do I have, officially?

    I'm thinking Swedish and Cayuga? The one being blocked is all black.
  12. Connorrm

    Rabbit Judge's License Countdown!

    I can't stand it! I passed my exam, I worked my 8 shows...Now I have to wait...they have 7/8 evaluations in. I worked my last show last weekend. I'm going insane!!!!
  13. Connorrm

    So I got 3 Cayuga and 3 Blue Swedish :D

    TSC will be the death of me! My brooder was empty...I just needed dog food. *Sigh* I now have three cayuga and three blue swedish ducklings (I think). Three are black, and 3 are silver/bluish color on top and yellowy down on the bottom. So, are these guys good brooders of their own eggs...
  14. Connorrm

    Are you Thinking of putting your 2-3 week old chicks in their coop?

    Do it!!! I did, and it's been great. Tons more room. I have the heat lamp going, but they rarely use it. It's been in the 30s-40s at night. One week later and all are spectacular! I have Buff Orphs, and banty Cochins.
  15. Connorrm

    Silky Vs Cochin Bantams for Broodiness...?

    So, which ones do you think will be better for broody surrogates. I ask because I have a few banty cochins I picked up...but now TSC has a good mix of silkies. Not sure if I should pick some of those up instead.
  16. Connorrm

    I resisted the Urge!!

    To buy silkies at TSC. They had buff, black, red, and white ones :( I WANTED SO BADLY!
  17. Connorrm

    I did it - They're in the coop!

    Well I bit the bullet. All 28 of them (18 BOs, and 10 banty cochins) are in the big coop. I sold off my flock last year so it was empty and cleaned from top to bottom. They went from 5 x 4 foot at 3 weeks old to 17 x 8 foot. They look so tiny in there now!! It was so cute seeing them...
  18. Connorrm

    Do I really need heat?

    My chicks are three weeks old today (well yesterday). There's 18 orphingtons, do they need heat in their draft free coop if it's 40-50 at night or will the 18 of them keep each other toasty?
  19. Connorrm

    Ahh - now I'm the worry wart...

    I live in upstate NY. I have 18 Buff Orphingtons, and 10 Cochin Bantam chicks I'm brooding in a 5 x 4 brooder. To say it's crowded is an understatement. I want to move the orphingtons (they're half feathered already) to their coop. It's 17 x 8. They would have more room and be secure there...
  20. Connorrm

    What do Light Brahma Chicks look like?

    I can't seem to find a real answer. The ones at TSC are all light colored like Cornish Cross. They have feathered feet with a few black splashes (dots) of down. For the most part they are white. Wondering if they were misnamed? Shouldn't they have some black down on their backs?
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