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  1. farmboydj

    shrink wrapped??? what do i do

    so i have a sportsman hatcher. i have 70 eggs hatching now. i have alot of chicks that have already hatched and came a day early so i took out about 30 of them but still have the rest in there that were pipped my humidity is around 55% and cant rase it anymore do you think my chicks are stuck or...
  2. farmboydj

    Humidity ????

    so i have a GQF sportsman incubator and i cant seem to get the humidity above 35-39% is this ok and if not what do i do to get it up i have both water containers full of water????
  3. farmboydj

    how much do they eat

    i am thinking about raising some meat birds for our local fair, but i was wanting to know how much feed 1 cornishX would eat in 1 day? i am planing on ordering the feed in bulk so i want to know how much to order.
  4. farmboydj

    one leg longer than the other?

    i hade a chick hatch and one leg is longer than the other. has anyone had that happen if so was it ok
  5. farmboydj

    should i help it out???

    so i have a chick that made a hole in the egg about 2 hrs or more ago and is just chirping a little i had a chick earlier do the same thing but died should i help it what should i do i have a light on above the incubator and he seems to be more active when i have it on?
  6. farmboydj

    day 21 no pips

    so its day 21 for me and only 1 piped yesterday and it died last night it zipped half way now i am not seeing anything from the rest and its is making me a little worried i know that there is something in them because i candled most of them before i put them into lock down so what should i do?
  7. farmboydj

    look what i found when i went to the coop today*** warning Graphic****

    so i went out to the coop today and i found this laying on the ground i have a enclosed coop so i dont think something could have gotten in and gotten it and i know it happened some time today. do you think if the other chickens ate this it would be safe to eat the eggs? what do you think...
  8. farmboydj

    day 20 and nothing

    so its day 20 for me and nothing is happening usually when i hatch i usually hear peeping on this day but nothin last night i opened the incubator to see if any were moving and they were is this normal?
  9. farmboydj

    switching incubators during incubation?

    i recently got a new cabinet incubator and hatcher my question is i have 41 eggs in my LG and the temps are going crazy up and down but i have had my cabinet incubator running for a while and temps are steady i am on day 14 do you think it would be a good idea to switch to my cabinet incubator...
  10. farmboydj

    should i get this incubator?

    this incubator is on CL and i was thinking about buying it but had to know what you guys think about it. he says it is a GQF 1266 and brand is the link i would want to change it in to a chicken incubator though but what do you guys think...
  11. farmboydj

    help 104 in incubator

    so today is day 7 for my eggs and i candled them. before i did the temp was 99-100 but about an half an hour after the temp went up to 103-104 what should i do? i already have both the plugs out and every time i try to turn the tep up or down it ether goes way to high or way to low! what should...
  12. farmboydj

    is 102 to high

    i am setting up my incubator and it is right around 100-102 it keeps bouncing back and forth but every time i try to change the temp it ether goes way to high or way to low but i am wondering is 102 ok and what is the highest temp that it can go to before i should start to worry about the temp...
  13. farmboydj

    temp question

    my incubators temp is going from 99-101 is 101 to high because every time i try to adjust the temp it ether goes way to low or way to high do you think i would be safe at 101 thank you
  14. farmboydj

    RIR crosses ?

    i have a RIR rooster and have white leghorn, Buff Orpington, red star, hens i was wondering what i should cross to get a good desirable breed that would be considered pure bread i am some what new to breeding so this may be a stupid Question but i thought i would give it a shot thanks for all...
  15. farmboydj

    Frost Bite

    what do you do if a rooster as a little frost bite on the tip of his comb
  16. farmboydj

    pvc or wood?

    hi i am going to start raising cx birds but cant decide on using a pvc tractor or a wood one thanks
  17. farmboydj

    cedar for chicks ?

    why is not ok to use cedar i have used it once and have been ok just must have been luckey but what is in it that is harmful
  18. farmboydj

    online hatcheries

    Hatchery State Website Hoover’s Iowa Cackle Missouri Heartland Missouri My Pet...
  19. farmboydj

    window or not

    i am building a new coop and was wondering if i should put a window or not put a window thanks
  20. farmboydj

    i need help on making the wright brooder

    my local feed store is getting there chicks in on the 1st and i need to make a brooder last year i used a box but it didn't work out so well dose anybody have a good brooder that will hold about 25 chicks can everybody post pics of your brooder not to sound to pushy but so every body in the...
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