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  1. Firefighter Chick

    Silkie mix approx five months ols

    Named it Franklin but haven't seen any male feathering or crowing. Perhaps a girl? Very tame and friendly.
  2. Firefighter Chick

    Cochin chicks 3 months old

    #1 #2 #3 All Three
  3. Firefighter Chick

    Bourbon Red toms- Rochester, MN area pickup

    I have two extra Bourbon Red tom turkeys hatched in May. They have been raised with chickens, ducks, dogs and cats. Since I only have one hen I need to get rid of the extra boys. They are quite fun to watch and keep my pushy roosters in check. $20 each.
  4. Firefighter Chick

    i need to sex some young rabbits

    Is anyone able to sex young rabbits? We got two last night and I took some pictures of their "goods." I'll send you the pics if you're able to take a guess.
  5. Firefighter Chick

    buff silkie gender

    he/she is 3-4 months old. still has feathers coming in. I've had some guesses on gender a month ago, looking for confirmation. Thanks!
  6. Firefighter Chick

    silkie expects needed!

    just over two month old silkies. thank you in advance!
  7. Firefighter Chick

    Heritage Turkey poults- SE Minnesota

    I'm looking for a few heritage turkey poults to add to my 10 BBW poults i'm getting early April. I'd prefer something close to I live. Thanks for looking!
  8. Firefighter Chick

    55 gallon feeder ideas

    Does anyone have any ideas how to make a high-capacity feeder from a plastic 55 gallon barrel? Thanks!
  9. Firefighter Chick

    Autistic boy's therapy chickens culled by thugs

    Has anyone seen in the news of a family in Florida that was keeping a few back yard chickens to help their Austic son? Keeping chickens was an ordinance violation and they were being pressured to get rid of them or face fines. Before they could act, some thug or thugs came in and killed their...
  10. Firefighter Chick

    You found him....WHERE????

    This morning I came home from work (I work overnights) and like usual, I let the chickens out to free range. They usually bolt out the door and spread out to eat grass. I watched them go outside and noticed that one was missing. Something seemed amiss. Norman, my EE roo, happily crowed away...
  11. Firefighter Chick

    what was he doing to me?

    I recently had to cull my roo for attacking my son. I had been raising some chicks, two of them grew into handsome EE roos, named Goliath and Norman. Norman is standofish and avoids me. Goliath is also standofish but wasn't when he was a baby. He was always the friendly baby. I have been...
  12. Firefighter Chick

    Wyandotte sexing question

    Ok, so I had you all sex my chicks a couple of months ago. I still have lingering doubt on one, the wyandotte. His/her comb developed early then didn't get much bigger. While my EE cockerels are big, struttin their stuff, and have pointy saddle feathers, this one does not. no crowing from...
  13. Firefighter Chick

    EE confusion

    I got this little girl(?) as a sexed pullet at the local feed store. I'm wondering if it is truly a girl. Legs are a little thicker and tail feathers are a little curly and have a green sheen. The comb only has one row of peas.
  14. Firefighter Chick

    Mean rooster, had to cull. Warning to others with kids

    I have been dealing with a rooster that has been good to his flock, protective and attentive to his girls, but aweful towards people. Last night was the last straw. My kids, ages 2 and almost 4, were out playing with the chicks and feeding the flock. Maynard, the roo, was out running around...
  15. Firefighter Chick

    kids and chicks

    The kids and I had fun outside today and got some new pictures to share/brag. Enjoy!
  16. Firefighter Chick

    3 wk old babies- gender please!******* UPDATED 6 week photos! posts 9 and 11

    EE1 above (sorry) EE2 EE3/Cochin EE4 Americauna 1 Americauna2 Welsummer EE5 EE?6
  17. Firefighter Chick

    What to do with miss Sassypants

    So when I was deciding to get some chicks, I thought i'd try using a broody to be a serogate mama. Of course, none of my pullets were in full broody mode so I opted out of using a broody. Today when I got up, I noticed someone left the partition door open where the chicks are kept, thus...
  18. Firefighter Chick

    Selling chicken manure

    If i were to sell my chicken manure (mixed with pine shavings) for fertilizer, how much would you think to charge for a five gallon bucket?
  19. Firefighter Chick

    Pet Pictures with Santa

    I took one of my chickens to pet pics with Santa at the co-op that we bought them from. Hilarity ensued. enjoy!
  20. Firefighter Chick

    Started a blog! and there's a stink eye on there!

    Hello folks! I decided to start a blog to document all that goes on here on the hobby farm. I hope you enjoy!
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