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  1. ChickenFootRnch

    Dorper and Katahdin Sheep

    I am hopeing to purchase one Dorper ram and two Katahdin ewe's. Does anybody have any info on sheep farms near East TN?
  2. ChickenFootRnch

    What do your chickens smell like?

    Ok, now that I have your attention! I was wondering if any one else has noticed what their chickens smell like? I was holding one of favorite sweet hens the other day, and smelled corn flakes! So I did what any chicken owner would do, I sniffed my hens neck and yep, she smelled like corn...
  3. ChickenFootRnch

    Any Ideas on this hen?

    I got her at a swap, I know she is a mutt, and was told a bantam. Any ideas of possible parents. I have never had any "white" birds. Best I can figure she is around 5 months. Behind her the last pic is a BA, a RIR to her left, and a "bearded" gold Seabright to her right.
  4. ChickenFootRnch

    What breed is the white one?

    The white Roo here my girls picked up at a swap, any ideas? I hope to have more pics Friday. He is probably close to 5 or 6 months, we have had him for three. I think Bantam mix of some type. The lady behind him is a 5 month old Cuckoo Maran.
  5. ChickenFootRnch

    Breeding a darker Easter Egger

    I was wondering if breeding a Maran Roo with an EE would result in making the offspring lay darker eggs. Or should one use an EE Roo and Maran hen since "egg color" is primarily carried on the male gene? Or am I just all wrong with this one.
  6. ChickenFootRnch

    Rhode Island Red's Poultry Plucking

    I have several chickens of different breeds, however my Rhodies, one inparticular, is plucking feathers from the rest of the flock. Is there an easy fix to this problem or do I just need to remove the problem poultry? I have heard it is a riboflavin(B2) deficency that affects Rhodies primarily...
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