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    Chicken Newbie - I need help!

    This a pet peeve that Tractor sells chickens to children. Those chickens need food and yes a coop. So now you have 4 chickens. If theyvare roosters chances are they might not be legal in your community. What type of chickens you have makes a difference in what they need. I suggest...
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    help animal control wants to remove my chickens because of noise.

    In spring or in areas flooded keeping any animals clean and dry is almost impossible. Some soils like clay are very messy. I suggest you try mixing gravel or vermiculite in soil and rotating area where chickens run. As for laying egg jubilation. Birds will sing. Dogs bark. And people play...
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    What Happens when Animal Control Comes...

    Curious to what happens to the owners. Are they arrested? In some states no water is cruelty and a felony.
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    Auntie Theadora

    Love your user name.
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    Auntie Theadora

    No I lost this flock decades ago. I did have chickens later after I graduated from college and got married. With pandemic there are many backyard chicken owners. Many new breeds Samaras that are so tiny considered livestock. And some are seized using Animal Control for chickens that are farm...
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    3 chickens gone other two dead

    Owls snap off heads and leave carcass.
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    What is killing my chickens?

    My bet is cat. They bit off heads of my ducks. They drag them. I can carry 25 pounds. I can drag 40 pounds. My husband set up one night and shot a critter. It was My neighbor's cat. Chickens have a habit of sticking their heads out. Weasels bite necks and chickens bleed out. They kill...
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    Who has house chickens?

    I suggest you read this article. It will answer your guestions and give some solutions.
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    Pet chicken

    Having one chicken as a house pet is like having one dog as a pet. I have one dog. If I get two they will play together and I would be like a third wheel. And in responding you don't mention size of chicken. I have a cage for my dog which I confine him for short periods of time. As for the...
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    Zane and Rags: bros for life

    Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry it had a sad ending.
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    Auntie Theadora

    Thank you. Love your user name.
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    Auntie Theadora

    We learn much the hard way. That is one of things I like about this website. Sharing tips so others are spared heartbreak. I nevervknew what a weasel was. A feral cat wandered across the yard. Mybdad would never allow me to have a cat. He adopted her.
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    Aggressive rooster! Help!

    Try getting an old fashion broom. When he attacks fend him off. Hopefully when he sees the broom he will not attack.
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    Auntie Theadora

    Lot of predators for chicken and their eggs and their food.
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    Auntie Theadora

    We had many feather down pillows and I think they were called feather ticks and I had skirts from chicken feed sacks. Mom. And I argued if sacks were for a skirt or for pillows.
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    Auntie Theadora

    New member. Loved reading stories. Also good ideas. So I registered to join in for conversations. I got my first flock of chickens about 1953. So you know I am an old chicken gal. I had White Rocks. I raised them in hopes of buying a Conn flute. Unfortunately after eating chicken every...
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