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  1. KakawKakaw

    I messed up.

    I’m sick about this but when collecting eggs last night, I brought in 2 marked eggs that are due to hatch in a week. They’ve been sitting on the counter room temp until I got home from work and checked the hens only to find broody only had one marked egg not 3. I put them back under her...
  2. KakawKakaw

    Dominant too vs the other guy.

    I have 2 roosters to 13 hens. 1 must go eventually. One is dominant, even does the domination dance towards me sometimes. He bosses everyone around. He doesn’t seem to be violent though. The other is non of these things. They are 4 months old. Which one should I keep?
  3. KakawKakaw

    13 hens, 2 roosters.

    Hi. I’m new to posting here but I’ve been reading for a while. I have 2 leghorn roosters and 13 hens. They were all hatching 5/20/2020. I had ordered 1 rooster and got 2. One is more aggressive then the other and can be a bit of a jerk to the others. Also tries to grab my wedding ring when...
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