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    Possible rat problem?

    Like I said, the customer service is awesome :)
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    How to get rid of rats???

    Make sure to read about the extra smart rats that can figure out the top brands of treadle feeders. I don't have personal experience. I've just been reading the reviews. Google "Rat Proof Chicken Feeder" or check out the posts in BackyardChickens. The company is hard to find online as it's a...
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    Possible rat problem?

    So glad to hear I'm not alone in this. Just purchased the Rat Proof Chicken Feeder after reading all the reviews I could find. My rat problem is new, but the numbers are growing exponentially... pretty sure I'm attracting existing rats as they can't possibly multiply that fast. 'My' rats are...
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    Original Rat Proof Chicken Feeder ( )

    Really happy to read your post about the Rat Proof Chicken Feeder. I just bought one myself and am VERY MUCH looking forward to it. Our rat population went 0 to (what feels like) 100 in a matter of two? weeks. It's been horrible. I've covered the coop with 1/4 in wire (I suspect they're still...
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    Galvanized bucket with poultry nipple.

    Curious if you tried this. I'm wanting to get a maple syrup bucket and "tap" it with horizontal nipples.
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