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  1. seafood

    Welsummer's wanted in PA

    I have a small flock of 8 birds. At one point was a dozen. Have had them for a few years and its time to add to the group. I am really interested in getting some Welsummer's. My kids would really like to hatch some eggs but I also want some mature birds. My oldest will be of 4H age next...
  2. seafood

    How to tell who is laying what!?

    OK...our hens have been laying since July. I think I have an idea of who lays what eggs but I am not completely sure. Here is the lineup. 3 Brown Leghorns. They are easy...these are the only white egg layers we have. The rest of our eggs vary from pink to brown to brown with some speckles...
  3. seafood

    Welsummer eggs and candling?

    This spring I want to add some Welsummers to our flock. I think these birds are really cool looking and the eggs are beautiful. Couple questions. 1. I remember there was someone here on BYC that sold Welsummer eggs. Can anyone point me in that persons direction. 2. Can you candle Welsummer...
  4. seafood

    Help me get hens back on track

    About a month ago what little egg production we had (1 a day) completely shut down. We havent seen an egg for almost 3 or 4 weeks from any of our eight hens. 4 of the 8 look TERRIBLE. Neck feathers are all but gone and the coloration in their plumage is very dull and sickly looking. Their...
  5. seafood

    Missing neck feathers

    We have a small flock of 10 birds. 9 hens and 1 roo. All born this past March 2008. All have been healthy and layed great until about 2 weeks ago. Cold snap and much shorter sunlight days had me thinking that was the issue. Today my wife noticed that two hens were missing most of the...
  6. seafood

    Question on this rooster?

    A friend and I are swapping roosters. This is the one I will be receiving. Any idea what breed he is? Might be a hybrid or a nothing at all. Just looking for thoughts. He is the one on the right...reddish with white tail.
  7. seafood

    Thoughts on whychicken died?

    Lost our first hen every yesterday (of course its only been 5 months) to something very odd. Hoping someone can explain what may have happened. Found her in the coop, pretty droopy and lifeless. Her comb was sort of shriveled and one wing was drooping. She wasn’t walking a whole lot. It did...
  8. seafood

    Finding the first egg??

    Our 10 chickens are now 19 weeks old. Their combs have all darkened up and I assume I could expect to see the first egg any day now. We have 4 nest boxes in the coop with straw just awaiting the big day. Of the 10 chickens about 5 have started getting "out" of the fenced in area and enjoy...
  9. seafood

    Hens vs. Roos

    I have 10 chickens that are about 4 1/2 months old. At about 4 weeks old one of the Buff Orps had a much larger and reder come and waddles. But looking at him? now I do not see the obvious saddle hackels that are present in most roo chickens. Are BO just a different breed and the roos do not...
  10. seafood

    Chicken hiererarchy

    We have 10 chickens that are about 16 weeks old. A mixed flock of Br. Leghorns, BO, BR, and one Jersey Giant. One of the BO turned out to be a roo. One of the Br. Leghorns is currently under debate as to whether it is a roo or hen. I have been curious to figure out the heirerarchy that...
  11. seafood

    When to introduce nest boxes?

    Our chickens are going on 13 weeks. We have nest boxes already in the coop but currently covered with cardboard. Our neighbor keeps wanting me to take off the cardboard but I told him we are going to wait until they are closer to production age. When is the right time to allow entry into the...
  12. seafood

    Keeping feed away from goats

    Does anyone have any suggestions on good ways to keep chicken feed away from goats? Seperating the animals is not an option for several reasons I wont go in to. One thought I had. What if I put up a wall mounted trough feeder...higher than the goats head height...and then put a perch about 6"...
  13. seafood

    how much food/feed/starter/grower

    My chicks/chickens are about 9 or 10 weeks old. All healthy and doing well. I have a homemade feeder...5 gallon bucket screwed to a planter dish. Fill it with their starter/grower and leave it available to them 24/7. Am I being too nice? Do they need this food available to them all the...
  14. seafood

    Seeing the pecking order

    Our 10 chicks are 8 weeks old now and I would guess the pecking order is established to some degree. One of our 10 turned out to be a obviously he is probably at the top. Although he is EASILY the friendliest of all the chicks, and does not display tons of "cock fighting" or other...
  15. seafood

    What to do on windy, rainy, nasty day.

    Today in the Northeast we a raw, damp, windy, rainy, spitting kind of day. What do you all do with the coop door? Leave it open so they can choose to go in or out...or leave it closed ensureing a dry, draft free coop? Chickens are 8 weeks old or so...mostly fully feathered.
  16. seafood

    Buff orpington comb and waddle characteristics

    Of the ten chicks we ordered, three are BOrps. They are all now 7 weeks old. One is very easily identified as a roo. Comb is twice if not 3 times the size of the other two. He also is developing the pink waddles underneath. One of the other ones is most definitely a hen. Her comb is still...
  17. seafood

    Chicks going to coop!

    Its moving 6 week olds are going from the basement to the coop. They all seem to be strong and is time. A women from work has over 50 chickens and she puts hers outside between 4 and 5 weeks old with no heat lamp. She doesnt buy into the "its too cold theory" once they...
  18. seafood

    Month me ID (several photos)

    our 10 chicks will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. All seem to be doing well. I have a question about 1 chick. Of the 10 we ordered 3 were BR and one was a Jersey Giant. I think we have had the JG confused this whole time. Here is a pic of the bird in question. (on the right) In comparison to...
  19. seafood

    Think I mixed up my chicks

    My 10 chicks are 3 weeks old. I ordered: 3 brown leghorns 3 Buff Orps 3 Barred Rocks and 1 Jersey Giant. When they arrived I thought for sure I knew which one was the JG. She stood taller than the others, had much broader shoulders and her legs were grayish black. Now that we are three weeks...
  20. seafood

    Chicken fights

    I was just down in the basement hanging out with the almost 3 week old chicks. (by the way we introduced meal worms was a big hit)...anyway...2 of the Buff Orps were constantly at each other. They would sort of square up to one another...then have a stare down, and then each would...
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