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  1. PatriotShar

    Does "Finisher" Feed come in Crumbles ???

    I'm told I need Finisher in CRUMBLES & I'm only finding it in PELLETS ??????
  2. PatriotShar

    Meat chickens

    I'm new at this & this is my 1st batch ??of 10 I'm being told that I need to now feed my chickens (just finished 2nd bag of "starter crumbles") turkey finisher ??crumbles?? The only finisher I'm finding is pellets ?? Anyone raising meat chickens out there have any advise? I'm not sure what...
  3. PatriotShar


    do squirrels attack &/or kill chickens ??
  4. PatriotShar

    How does a chicken show pain?

    I have lost several chickens now to different issues. I want to know how to tell when they are in pain
  5. PatriotShar

    New Kid on the block 'er in the chicken pen :)

    Totally NEWBIE. Always been a city slicker but lovin the country girl role ... just not sure that I'm cut out for this ?? :'( I'm not sure that my chickens are gonna survive me ?? I first got 9 chickens in May 2017. I bought 4 already laying hens & a rooster Black Americanos and was...
  6. PatriotShar

    Maran possible egg blockage ?? URGENT HELP needed

    If there is already a thread on this I apologize. I'm a newbie at raising chickens AND this site I have a white maran that is lethargic, wasn't eating or drinking & keeps laying her head to right & closing eyes. She also is not crowing like she did ... a weak crowing now? She is about 4-5...
  7. PatriotShar

    I'm a NEWbie at this chicken stuff LOL

    I've always been a city slicker LOL Got 4 laying Black Americanos & a Rooster along w 1 Moran & 3 barnyard mix chicks in May. I lost 2 of my laying hens within 1.5 mos to a coon getting in my coop :'( ... is NOW critter proof (I think since haven't had any other incidents) Then during...
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