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  1. Lovesumchicks

    Broody hens in the snow!

    I have had 3 game hens hatch chicks in the past 2 months in temperatures in the 40- 15 degree range. I do keep a heat lamp which I know could be the cause. We have 8 inches of snow at our house and my game hen has been sitting for 3 day's now. On 10 eggs I don't think she can manage that many...
  2. Lovesumchicks

    Mealworms 😂

    I got a sassy hen who struts her self around whoever she sees and you go to touch her she runs off she has a bit of a pasty butt so I wanted to check her vent. She play's a catch me if you can game with me so I grabbed some meal worms and put them in my pocket and would bring one out she was in...
  3. Lovesumchicks

    Wry neck

    I have been dealing with a chick with wry neck for about 4 weeks now and I put him back in the coop about a week and a half ago and the other day it seemed to be doing so much better almost normal then I checked this morning and it was worse now than ever. He seems to have a eye issue as well...
  4. Lovesumchicks

    Snuggly Hen!

    We all love snuggly hens. My sweet 16 week old game hen loves to be held like a baby walked through the yard. ❤
  5. Lovesumchicks

    Mama hen hatched 5 chicks.

    Okay so I have a game hen, who hatched 5 chicks on the 21st. Well everyone has been thriving doing really great. Just this morning I checked on them and this little chick keeps holding its head up and acting strange. Is this an injury or a neurological development? If it's an injury do you...
  6. Lovesumchicks

    Game Hen hatching eggs

    So my little hen has started laying on her nest on the 30th of October. Well, I have noticed yesterday 3 eggs were almost all the way sticking out beside her so I knew she was maybe sitting on too many. She is alone in the coop with food and water. My husband and I went to check to see how many...
  7. Lovesumchicks

    Chick photoshoot.

    Couldn't stay awake for 1 second. 😂 I forgot to post when I hatched them, but they are my sweet morgan whitehackles.
  8. Lovesumchicks


    We had an incident were snakes were coming and robbing eggs. I had a broody sitting on eggs and a snake come in the night bit her and ate all her eggs. It was a snake because we had a camera in the house. Now we have a bigger issue. No one goes up in their house anymore to sleep. I cannot...
  9. Lovesumchicks

    Egg laying

    I have a Rhode Island red hen who is 36 weeks old who hasn't laid yet. All of her hen mates are the same age and have been laying since around 19-20 weeks. Their combs are pretty red and bigger, hers is still small and pale pink. She gets in the nesting box lays there for about 15 minutes gets...
  10. Lovesumchicks


    I purchased a few types of gamefowl from a guy who breeds them. I went in only wanting her and seen the way their living conditions were so I wanted to get all the hens he had. Well he really had no info or age of the rooster or hens so I would like to figure that out. Thanks so much for any help
  11. Lovesumchicks

    Hen laying on the coop floor

    Okay so I have 5 hens and a rooster in a new coop we built. It has 6 nesting boxes and a roosting bar. They sleep in both at night. I recently put a fake egg in the nesting box to entice them to lay. My hen started laying eggs 3 day's ago, but nesting in the corner on the floor. First day I...
  12. Lovesumchicks

    Vaulted skull

    I incubated my ameraucauna × cuckoo maran eggs all successfully hatched 3 weeks ago. Everyone is healthy and thriving. A few days after birth I've noticed baby #1 had a deformed head. Well it's progressively gotten worse with a little research I had come to the conclusion it was a vaulted...
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