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  1. TheFrogLady

    10-day-old Chick Breed Identification Help

    Anyone want to help me guess breeds? I ordered the following: Easter Egger, Lakeshore Egger, Speckled Sussex, Buff Brahma, Buff Orpington, and a Meyer Meal Maker (free mystery chick). I have definitely identified the Easter Egger (such a cute little beard!), the Buff Brahma, and the Buff...
  2. TheFrogLady

    10-week old Australorp, hen or roo?

    We bought a mixed flock of 5 chicks from Meyer Hatchery on June 1. All of them were supposed to be females. This very friendly Australorp has had a red comb since almost 5 weeks. She's top of the pecking order, for sure. We were trying to convince ourselves that she was just early to mature...
  3. TheFrogLady

    Potential Covered Walk-In Run Site: Old Paving Stone Patio?

    Greetings, everyone! I'm new to keeping chickens. We haven't picked up our chicks yet, but my husband and I have been scouting out potential sites for a covered walk-in chicken run. We will be using an Eglu Cube coop for five hens, so we want to build them a nice covered run with plenty of...
  4. TheFrogLady

    Greetings from NE Ohio!

    Hello everyone, and thanks for all the great info! I've been lurking for a few days since my husband and I decided we'd take the plunge and get some chickens. We have about an acre in the country just east of Cleveland. I'm brand new to this, but your forum has been amazingly informative. I've...
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