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  1. raccoonroom

    My ducks GO FISHING!! 😍

    Hey fellow duck lovers! I gave my eight week old Welsh Harlequin ducks some feeder fish in their pool for the first time as a special treat and they definitely loved it! I really enjoyed watching them "go fishing" myself so maybe the treat was really mine 🥰🥰 How do you spoil your ducks? ❤
  2. raccoonroom

    Do your ducks like toys? What kind? 😍

    My ducklings are always tearing up toilet paper roll and pulling on strings exactly like kittens, so I bought them their own kitten toys 😄 OH man, they are super into it 😍 What do your ducks get into? How do you interact with them? 🥰🦆
  3. raccoonroom

    House Ducks? 😍🦆

    Hello fellow duck lovers! I've read a lot of threads about raising ducks outside, but I haven't seen much on keeping ducks in the house. I realize this isn't a super common occurrence and I may be a tad weird, but I can't be the only one keeping ducks as pets, right? I'm planning to have my...
  4. raccoonroom

    Crazy for Cochins!!

    Hi there! I have a pair of 10 week old standard Cochins and I LOVE them. Sylvester is the Roo and Molly is his chicken wife. I say wife and not girlfriend because they act like an old married couple and it's so funny. If Molly walks up to me, Sylvester is right behind her. If she walks away...
  5. raccoonroom

    Duck Discipline?

    I have a trio of Welsh Harlequin ducklings that I've raised since hatch. They are four weeks old today. They have always nibbled on my clothes or fingers as curious ducklings often do. I have tattoos and sometimes they try to "eat" the designs though they quickly realize it's not food and move...
  6. raccoonroom

    Dog House into Duck House!

    We're still adding some finishing touches like borders along the door to match the windows and we're adding new shingles to the roof. We bought an old dog house for 40 dollars. Brought it home and attached hardware cloth to bottom of the house and along the edges. Any cracks were covered. We...
  7. raccoonroom

    Some cute videos of my WH ducklings!

    Hi there, I have three Welsh Harlequin ducklings and they are so sweet. I've been taking a couple videos here and there. Thought I'd share ❤
  8. raccoonroom

    Hi there, until recently I was terrified of birds

    And then I found ducks. Believe it or not, until recently I was absolutely terrified of birds. At thirty years old, I would jump if a pigeon got too close. Actually, I still do that. I was also very against any visit to my sister in law's house because she had free range chickens and their...
  9. raccoonroom

    Duckling Advice Needed! (Imprinting/poop)

    Hi there! I'm new to the forum and new to ducks. So duck veterans, feel free to weigh in! I recently raised a trio of Runner hybrids from ducklings until they moved to my sister in law's property when they were about seven weeks old. I really missed having ducks so I hatched a trio Welsh...
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