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  1. Gertiies Chicken Coop

    Gertiies Chicken Coop

    This is my story. My kids all left me . Took my Grandkids with them ! I was devastated. So what better to fill the void of an empty nest, then a new nest full of chickens !! I fought with the husband for 3 weeks about getting a couple of chickens, building a small coop out of recycled materials...
  2. gertiie

    Help Us Rate 2012 Calendar Pictures

    I did my duty ! Half of them showed up as a link and I cjust right clicked to open img up in new window, then the other half showed the img on the page, 10 to a page and that went alot quicker ! there are so fabulous pictures !!!
  3. gertiie

    Is it possible for a young pullet to lay more than once a day?

    My friendhas 5 hens and 1 rooster ( was supposed to be a hen, thanks again TSC ) she is getting 6 eggs a day from 5 hens
  4. gertiie

    Finished my first Coop...Now I just need Chickens

    You did it all wrong ! You did it backwards ! From what I thought you did , according to most of the posts I have read you get chicks that are so adorable, you cannot resist them, then come home and THEN build a chicken coop ! Oh well, cute coop . Love it !
  5. gertiie

    My answer is here! "she " crowed tonight!!!!

    I agree. Roosters are beautiful ! I want one ! But where I live, that is not an option. I would love to hear him crowing, watching over his flock, baby chicks running around. *sigh* for now I will just enjoy everyone else's ! Congrats on your Roo !
  6. gertiie

    Chicken eludes police !!!! Rooster eludes trooper, survives leap from bridge Zilwaukee, Mich. A runaway rooster remains at large after eluding a Michigan State Police trooper and taking a leap from a bridge. The...
  7. gertiie

    A long, bad rant - need to talk to someone.

    I love my daughter in laws for taking my sons, marrying them and leaving with them to make their own homes !!! I am sorry you are going through this , but now there is a child involved. Do something . There is always an out. If you want it bad enough. Even if it means leaving your husband...
  8. gertiie

    HELP! Out of chicken food;anything around the house they could eat?

    Just don't leave the styrofoam plate in there with them, they will eat that too !!! And yes , I am serious.
  9. gertiie

    I have a confession to make

    I plan on trying them this week . I have 3 days off, I wil come up with something. I am sure I will get over it , I am just being , I don't know . I will muster up the courage lol maybe it is seeing all the wild stuff on BYC and hearing all the weird stories and seeing an egg, inside an egg ...
  10. gertiie

    I have a confession to make

    Quote: This is very hopeful thank you !
  11. gertiie

    I have a confession to make

    Quote: I thought they would fill my void with the empty nest syndrome. And for eggs. And they are fun.
  12. gertiie

    I have a confession to make

    ...... I havent eaten any of their eggs yet I have one red laying for 2 weeks now, I have every single one of her eggs. I have not even cracked one open yet . I have my other red started laying 2 days ago. I think I am going to cook and scramble all the eggs up and give them to them. I...
  13. gertiie

    The Oh-so neighbor!

    While I agree that he was very nice about the way he brought it up and approached you about it , I also believe if you live in the country and farm animals are allowed , deal with the crowing. Your rooster has ever right to crow, let him crow !!!
  14. gertiie

    Dead Chicken Mystery Solved (Picts)

    The only 2 coyotes I have seen in my lifetime have been during the day . Ok add one more at 3 am , but the other 2 were daytimers
  15. gertiie

    I locked myself IN!

    This happened to me when hubby was still finishing the coop, and he put a emergency string to pull it open, and when placing the coop in its resting place, tilted it so door would not close on its own. Same on the run, he left a gap in the door so my fingers could fit thru , coz that screen door...
  16. gertiie

    dog owners, especially german shepherd owners

    crate feeding . seperate rooms with baby gate during feeding times ? Add something yummy to Sarge's , beef broth, cottage cheese. I presume you are feeding dry. Have you tried different foods with Sarge ? I know my dog is that way. one week she will like her food then next week she wants...
  17. gertiie

    Does anyone here draw Chickens?

    I love your drawings ! The simplicity is refreshing . I would buy that !
  18. gertiie

    UPDATE: Pics up! New Garage Pen/Coop

    This content is currently unavailable The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page. ok, think I can post pics now. Heres the new coop/run...
  19. gertiie

    Oh Craigslist, You Amuse Me So!

    Quote: You should answer and let us know what happened. Who, ME??!!! No way!! I'm not risking a legal suit. Nuhuh. Seriously ??? No one could be this stupid, could they ???????? Seriously ??? Might as well sell your cocaine and pot on Craigslist too, if this is the case
  20. gertiie

    Almost got Scammed - Updated Last page!

    I am glad you caught on and didnt get scammed !!!!! I hope they bust her ( or him ) We had one like that when my son sold his car online. The check arrived and even thought he was of age, I told him , you better take that check to the bank and verify it . Sure enough it was fake, he was...
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