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  1. Mickey Lou 04

    Im new at hatching!!! Please Help!

    I have 6 call duck eggs under a broody duck. They were due the 25/26 of april and today I checked on my duck and she moved to where I could see the eggs, they were partially hatched. I have never incubated so I have no idea how they are supposed to look or if they are even alive. But they looked...
  2. Mickey Lou 04

    Turkey Feed

    I am trying to decide whether or not to order a couple turkeys for my 4-h project. I already own/show duck and chickens. What feed to the turkeys eat at different stages. And does anybody have any tips about anything turkey for me?
  3. Mickey Lou 04

    Oregon 4-H

    I am a 4-her and I thought somebody should start a thread where 4-Hers and there families from all over Oregon could talk about shows, clinics, their plans for their projects, and the many other opportunities 4-H provides us. So here it is! I hope this thread becomes a hit because I look...
  4. Mickey Lou 04

    Pullets and Hens In OREGON

    I have birds from my flock that I use for my 4-H project, but lately my coop has been a little bit too crowded so I need to sell the majority of my flock so I can focus on my breed of choice. Unfortunately the wyandottes are bareback from an over zealous roo. So they just need a chance to...
  5. Mickey Lou 04

    WANTED d'uccle chicks in OREGON

    I am looking for D'Uccles for my 4-H project. I am not too terribly picky with variety but I prefer mille fleur. I am in OREGON and the sooner I can get some birds the better. Thanks in advance, Mickey Lou 04
  6. Mickey Lou 04

    Are polish roosters aggressive?

    Are polish rooster generally more aggressive? How are they with other roosters? I have had a polish rooster but he was pretty good, but I want to make sure he wasn't one in million. Thanks in advance, Mickey Lou 04
  7. Mickey Lou 04

    How many birds per nestbox?

    How many birds per nestbox? Thanks in advance, Mickey Lou 04
  8. Mickey Lou 04

    Hen standing around and watches her feet when she walks.

    I have a 4 year old hen, that when I let them out this morning that I diddn't notice anything different but a little later I noticed her standing all fluffed up and she didn't come running when I had the treats. She did come part way but when she did she walked really slow and watched her feet...
  9. Mickey Lou 04

    How many square feet per bird in an indoor coop?

    I am wanting to raise some more show birds and so I am wanting to have them indoors so how many sq feet per bird? I assume it would be the same ratio as an outdoor run. But then again I can't remember how big that is either. Hehe I am trying to have it all planned out before I remodel. Thanks...
  10. Mickey Lou 04

    pest prevention

    Hey I just saw that they sell bob cat urine to keep away rats, mice, voles, and such on Has anybody tried this, it sounds interesting, but you would think that it would maybe lure in bob cats that are feeling territorial or looking for a mate. Or just bobcats in particular...
  11. Mickey Lou 04

    Intro to peafowl

    Hey I am trying to decide whether or not peafowl is the right choice for us. I am wondering if any of you could help me with any info on peafowl care, I have researched a little but any and all info that would be good for beginners. On the other hand they eat game bird feed correct? Also how...
  12. Mickey Lou 04


    Hi everybody! I am wanting to get into breeding show quality stock. I am planning on raising some other heritage breeds for show but I am wanting to have some quality layers too. Plus I would love to help preserve the maran breed, so I can get the best of both worlds. I am thinking that it...
  13. Mickey Lou 04


    Hey I have a hen that is losing feathers around her neck. I have to have this problem fixed in a couple week for our county fair. If I post a pic, is there anyone that would be able to tell me if it is mites? It happens every once in awhile ever since a rescue bird grabbed ahold of her throat...
  14. Mickey Lou 04

    Anybody get silver gray dorkings from mcmurray's?

    Hi, I am wanting to get some silver gray dorkings, and I was wondering about the quality of their stock. I am planning on breeding to better the quality so I am willing to work on quality.( which the breed needs anyways) Also does anybody know where they get their birds? Anybody have any...
  15. Mickey Lou 04

    What care do I give the chicks after hatching?

    Hi, I have never incubated and I am wanting to get as much info as possible before trying to hatch some eggs. I have seen quite a bit of incubation advice but what about after hatching? I am wanting to vaccinate (there was a mareks out break in our area) so what would I do? How long after...
  16. Mickey Lou 04

    Is this a cockerel? Please I need to know soon, in order to enter our local county fair.

    i have this 11 week old bird that was supposed to be an americauna. (can't hardly find any americaunas ) Of course he/she wasn't a purebred, I figure it is some sort of cross, but I can't tell if it is a roo. It looks to have a rooster tail, acts more aggressive with the other cockerels, and is...
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