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  1. pctechtx

    Brooding Jersey Giant in nest

    I didn't expect this to happen from reading about JG. I bought an incubator and put 6 eggs in it and apparently a hen decided she wants to race and see who hatches first. God is miraculous. I figure I got 18 days till hatching. She's in a box about 20 inches from floor in the coop. My concerns...
  2. pctechtx

    Newbie with Black Jersey Giants

    Moved in with my dad to take care of him. Government is getting on my nerves and decided it is best to work on self-sufficiency. My neighbor raises birds and she had a set of adult chickens. I didn't want to attempt raising from hatch-lings. I got 7 hens and a rooster. I average 4 eggs a day...
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