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  1. Scrambles83

    20 week olds, pullets?

    Heya. So I’ve had these 2 from about 8-9 weeks and have had many moments of being certain they are pullets to going to down rabbit holes of reading about hackles and saddles and sickles that makes me less sure. Just interested if anyone that knows more of what to look for would like to weigh in...
  2. Scrambles83

    9 week old Sussex’s: pullet or roo?

    I have recently bought 1 light and 1 speckled Sussex around 9 weeks old. Any guesses if they are pullets or cockerels? Only had ISA’s prior so never had to worry, was trying just to wait and see but my curiosity is getting the better of me! Sorry if they aren’t the best pics, they are so darn fast 😂
  3. Scrambles83

    Heya. Any tips on introducing pullets to a lone ISA hen?

    Heya, very glad to finally become a member of this page. I’ve read enough threads on here over the last few years so figured it was time to take the plunge haha. We live in Geelong, Australia. So, we got our first hens 2&1/2 years ago. They were 18 week old ISA’s which our 3 year old daughter...
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