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  1. CorinneP

    Where can you use pressure treated wood in a coop?

    I Paid extra to use PT for my floors .. I dont want them rotting out
  2. CorinneP


    I Personally wouldnt spray in my coop ! If My house were bad I would .. Flys like poop . Good luck I know they can be infuriating
  3. CorinneP

    Hello everybody

    from ~Ny
  4. CorinneP

    Post Weird Stories of your chickens and what crazy things that they've done!

    Several of My chickens have discovered If I don't get out early enough to give them treats and extra food that they can travel around the back yard up my Deck stairs and that they will usually find me sitting near the sliding glass doors drinking some coffee, which then they will lightly knock...
  5. CorinneP

    Neutering Roosters

    Sounds Like you are a very wonderful caring Person , I have never done it , But I commend you for doing what you feel is right for your Circumstances .. And For the reasons you are choosing to do it I hope they become less aggressive and quieter for you .
  6. CorinneP

    Wyoming Dude who likes Chickens. ( Do I need to see a Doctor?)

    I think its perfectly obvious what you Must do ! Get Three more Roosters of course : ) One Rooster can easily handle ten hens but 40 he will die trying : ) you will Fit in just Fine here : ) ~Corinne
  7. CorinneP

    Chicken Coop grass and decorations.

    A while back I read a poor woman posting on here that her entire flock died and it was from fertilizing her yard. I cant remember the brands she used but she was crushed !! they will climb on anything and everything ! So far I think my Hosta has been safe not much else .. I am telling my self I...
  8. CorinneP

    Need some advice... baby chick not getting better... need help and or support :/

    boy it sounds like your trying so hard. I do wonder if you might not be offering to many different things to her at this time though .. I use a medicated chick starter and water at first and don't offer any thing else unless like you I get scared. But maybe if you just keep the area clean and...
  9. CorinneP

    Besides ducks- what else ya got?

    The only one driving me Crazy right now is My Billy Goat .. He thinks hes a Dog and jumps all over me and my company hogs all the Food .. We are in the process of making him a home and fencing off about a half acre area for him and there he will live very well .. ! Of course I will visit him and...
  10. CorinneP

    Besides ducks- what else ya got?

    Besides my 6 ducks I have about 70 chickens several types. And I am allowing them to mix and incubating ( one of my favorite things) I have two rabbits (expecting babies ) ,three dogs , two young Turkeys, Two goats ( expecting babies in July ) I recently ordered and am waiting to receive 18...
  11. CorinneP

    Need info re: hawks

    Hawks have become my enemy .. And worse I also have Bald eagles which I used to think were so Majestic now I Fear them !! Eagles are afraid of nothing !
  12. CorinneP

    Finish this sentence: "You know you're addicted to chickens when..."

    I thought the pictures on my wall, rooster place mats hand towels .. 80 chickens running around my yard .. etc made me an addict but I will bow to this Tattoo Very cool !
  13. CorinneP

    Moving Nest Boxes Higher?

    having a slanted roof on your nesting boxes will discourage them from being used as roosts. I have mine double stacked and the hens adjusted quickly when I put them in. of course I still have an occasional one lay an egg on the floor .. or behind a milk crate or something ground level, but most...
  14. CorinneP

    Silver Leghorn bantam?

    Shes very pretty .. prob a cross but I wouldnt want to trade her if she was mine .: )
  15. CorinneP

    Over feeding?

    Are they cooped with a run full time or do they get to free range ? I intentionally underfeed my free range chickens a little so they will look harder for insects .. Are they Mature or chicks ? Mature Birds can eat a lot and if your not seeing scraps left over they probably need it . Did your...
  16. CorinneP

    Need info re: hawks

    Hawks will react and flea from a human yelling .. AS I have done it countless times ! A large Hawk can grab a younger chick or a mature bantam and lift them right off .. One day while 6 of my grand kids were out making lots of noise 20 yards from them a hawk swooped right in and killed one of my...
  17. CorinneP

    Newbie coop design questions

    until my chicks are 18 weeks I have fresh food and water available 24 -7 ..
  18. CorinneP

    Newbie coop design questions

    I have always heard 4 square ft per Bird ..
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