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  1. Emma_Bruffy

    Dont mind this

    This is for a art challenge on YouTube and I cant get the links to work so I'm using this website.
  2. Emma_Bruffy

    Quick question

    So I'm making breeding plans for this spring, not for any special reason just a personal project. The question is, if I have a hen and a rooster who have the same dad but different mothers, would it be bad if I bred them? They are half siblings but I dont know if that would affect the...
  3. Emma_Bruffy

    Talking about my flock

    This is gonna be kinda long so grab your popcorn and enjoy! Nilla- Nilla is a 2 year old ISA Brown hen who is light brown with white (laced kinda) feathers on her back. Shes not the tamest chicken I have but definitely not the most skittish, she doesn't like to be held but doesn't mind eating...
  4. Emma_Bruffy

    Basic medication list

    I dont currently have any sick chickens but I'd like to know a basic list of medications for chickens and a dosage for a 4 to 6 pound chicken. Possibly for things like... Coccidiosis Respiratory infections Physical wounds Sour crop I'll leave it at that so it's not too much to ask but just a...
  5. Emma_Bruffy

    Free Drakes, 2 Pekin, 1 Rouen, 1 Khaki Campbell near Lynchburg Virginia

    I have 4 drakes and no duck hens, and sadly I can only have one coop and the drakes are being housed with chicken hens, I'm worried that this spring they will attempt to mate with my hens and hurt them so I'm giving them away. They are super sweet except for the Khaki campbell who isnt...
  6. Emma_Bruffy

    Squishy crop, sour crop?

    My pullet smore had a squishy crop today, I was wondering if this always ment it was sour crop. This could be a one day thing, but I will check it in the morning before I feed them. Shes my favorite chicken so I hope shes ok.
  7. Emma_Bruffy

    Advice for telling new chicken keepers

    Hello. My mother wants to have a new pet rooster, she has never had chickens before. I happen to have a 6 week old cockerel that I dont need, and she wants him. She has a coop and a setup that I gave the greenlight already, I just need some advice for her for the actual care.
  8. Emma_Bruffy

    Weird lump on cat spay incision

    I don't usually post on here about cats but I cant get help anywhere else. My 6 month old kitten, Merry Gold, had her spay surgery on monday so about a week ago. There has been a hard lump on her belly and it's getting larger. I'm scared it will rip her stitches. It's also slightly red and I...
  9. Emma_Bruffy

    Duckling Gender

    These are cookie and latte, cookie is the bigger rouen duckling who I'm pretty sure is a female. Latte is the smaller khaki Campbell duckling who i dont know what he/she is. Does anyone know what gender latte is? I will try to get better pics of him/her soon. Unfortunately if it is a male i will...
  10. Emma_Bruffy

    Duck keeps eye closed

    My pekin drake keeps his eye closed all the time, I opened it yesterday and it looked normal even the inner eyelid. Its only his left eye, does anyone know why? He is keeped with chickens and eats crumble food, maybe that got in his eye.
  11. Emma_Bruffy

    Duckling breed identification

    I have these 2 little ducklings that I just got from tractor supply. The sign said assorted ducks so I would like to know what breed they are. (Also the pure brown one is a lot smaller, is its breed small or is it younger)
  12. Emma_Bruffy

    Good trades/pricing questions

    Dont know if this is the right thread but I am going to my first poultry swap and have a few questions. T/p= trade or price What is a good t/p for a 1 year old Easter egger x jersy giant rooster What is a good t/p for breeding pair of pure bred SLWs Good t/p for 12 week old sapphire splash...
  13. Emma_Bruffy

    Bloody diarrhea, possibly coccidiosis

    I had one brahma cockerel who acted funny one day. He used to be skittish but then he let me pick him up. I thought something wasn't right so I quarantined him. When I went back out there he pooped watery bloody poop. But that's not all, in my main flock no one is acting different but there is...
  14. Emma_Bruffy

    Right amount of amprolium?

    I just treated my chickens for coccidiosis and I used 45 mL of amprolium in 5 gallons. The amprolium solution is 9.6% aprolium. I want to make sure it isnt too much before letting them have that water for too long.
  15. Emma_Bruffy

    Right amount of amprolium?

    I just treated my chickens for coccidiosis and I used 45 mL of amprolium in 5 gallons. The amprolium solution is 9.6% aprolium. I want to make sure it isnt too much before letting them have that water for too long.
  16. Emma_Bruffy

    Dead chicks and broken eggs

    I had a broody hen and everything was going great. I had a baby hatch yesterday and it was gray with a black head. Then today a silver laced wyandotte hatched. She had 3 eggs left under her to hatch but when I got home today... the broody hen was on another nest and her old nest was empty apart...
  17. Emma_Bruffy

    Hairline fracture- help

    Today when I candled the eggs under my broody one of the eggs had a small hairline fracture at the point end. It goes from one side over the top and down the other but its altogether about 2 and a half inches long. I dont know if the membrane is intact but I have the crack sealed with wax and...
  18. Emma_Bruffy

    Brown or blue eggs? Red white and blue chick

    I dont have pictures of the chick yet but I will get them tommarow. When this chick hatched it looked like a brown leghorn or welsummer chick (chipmunk pattern) and I assumed that my brown leghorn must have been the mom and the GLW was the dad. When the wing feathers were coming in it was black...
  19. Emma_Bruffy

    Possibility of Onyx's gender?

    S/he is about 2 weeks old and I know normally that is a little young to sex, but I am thinks s/hes a boy. His comb and wattle are bigger, but they aren't red, they are black so I wont be able to see red. I will put pics. He also is way bigger than the rest and is almost fully feathered at two...
  20. Emma_Bruffy

    Plucking breast feathers

    My 1 year old barred rock has been plucking her breast feathers. I have heard that this could be a sign of broodiness but she is showing no other signs. She is laying almost daily and never is protective of her nest. If it could be broodiness how long is it gonna be before she sits on a clutch?
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