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  1. zengrrl

    Roo or hen australorp?

    I can't get a good picture but this will work. I have I believe a hen and a roo Australorp. One of them has a much larger comb then the other but they both squat down when I go into the coop. Would a roo squat down as I thought that was only hen behavior?The black Australorps in the right...
  2. zengrrl

    Every last bird dead in the coop....

    I went out to feed and water my birds before work and found every single bird of 7 with its throat torn out. What broke my heart was that most of them were trying to hide, under the ramp, behind the food bin. I can only imagine how terrorized they must have been. Blah. I called my husband...
  3. zengrrl

    My sand run is completely flooded, and smells awful! What should I do?

    Horrible storms came through last night. It must have been coming in sideways as my run is covered on 3 sides. Whats the quickest way to get this dried out and back to livable conditions. My chicks are currently in a tractor and I'll probably keep them in the coop. Silkies + muddy sand = BLAH
  4. zengrrl

    We leave in one day to see our soon graduate from bootcamp!

    I cannot express the many emotions since my son dropped the bomb on me that he had refunded his college tuition and instead was joining the Marines. But finally the end is near and on Dec 2 we get to watch our son receive tht coveted title. Through all my worry and fear everyone has told me...
  5. zengrrl

    2 of my 4 silkies are completely bald

    I was shocked to see them like this. Really? In one day? So I took who I believe is the offending bully and put her in a dog kennel inside the coop with food and water. I only have 4 birds, all silkies and they have a huge coop and run! Time out for a day or so and then I'm not so sure what to...
  6. zengrrl

    greasy silkie bath help needed!

    Rough summer with plenty of tomatoes & now oily eggs for an impacted crop have left my silliest looking like lunatics, what to dol
  7. zengrrl

    Impacted crop - massage with olive oil?

    I've read a bit on this but I'm still confused. My silkie has an impacted crop, and I'm not sure what to do. Massage with oil? Feed olive oil and massage the neck?
  8. zengrrl

    Got my very first egg today!

    One of my silkies was acting strange yesterday and lo and behold I was right. She laid an egg. Its teeny tiny, maybe I should have gotten some real egg layers ha. One productive bird, 3 freeloaders to go!
  9. zengrrl

    Does a silkie pullet have any kind of a comb and wattles?

    Seriously, my once mighty crowd of 8 has been whittled down to a mere 4 birds. My 5th bird Isis, a gorgeous blue silkie developed full flown comb, wattles and a crow. I rehomed him and now, weeks later another silkie, who had no sign of any such roo parts has a much smaller comb and teeny tiny...
  10. zengrrl

    Are my silkies slow?

    I know they can be a tad different than other chickens but they have zero interest in worms, bugs, stale bread or cabbage. I'm beginning to think they really are honking persian cats and not chickens at all. Though I do adore their maniacal laughter!
  11. zengrrl

    Silkie roo or hen question

    I have 5 silkies who are 5 months old. My blue is most def a male. He is much bigger than the others, has noticeable comb nose whatnot and more importantly is crowing. My buff one has a teeny tiny nub on the beak, nothing like the blue has. Could it possibly still be a hen? None of the...
  12. zengrrl

    The status of DOG HELL to CHICKEN HUT

    So this is the old dog kennel completely gutted. All the walls were rotted. The roof and supports resemble a park pavillion. So far, this is the progress we've made. My only regret is it most likely will never look as cute as some of the smaller coops I covet here on BYC. The front was...
  13. zengrrl

    I am totally getting discouraged about keeping chickens...

    Its just turning into a nightmare... So I started off all chipper and excited. We moved out to a rural area and decided that big old dog kennel would be perfect for chickens . I'll be an empty nester soon myself and this would be a great hobby. I bought 6 silkie chix and 2 polish. I called...
  14. zengrrl

    Omg - my beautiful blue silkie turned into a ROO this morning!

    So as I'm rushing around for work this morning I heard a horrible gargled noise that so creeped me out, and then a minute later the sickening heart-dropping sound of a loud crow. As it turns out ISIS is a boy now. I'm not sure how this keeps happening to me! I've already rehomed my Polish roo...
  15. zengrrl

    My gig may be up, beginning to unravel

    So I moved from suburbia, which allowed chickens to a rural neighborhood that ummm....doesn't. Only I had no idea bc there are chickens and pheasants all around and dammit I moved out of the city so I could have some privacy and freedome....yeah. I called city hall to inquire about roo's as I...
  16. zengrrl

    When they say you can give your chickens watermelon....

    pay attention when they say RIND! Don't let this happen to you! I mean what in the world did they do with it, head stands??
  17. zengrrl

    An attempt at re-homing my Polish roo

    I'm here in Michigan and have had absolutely no luck trying to find my roo a home. I've posted him on Craigslist a few times, posted him on here without a hit. I'm new to my area but I've noticed several homes/farms with flocks of chickens (hard to believe they're so strict!) Would I be out of...
  18. zengrrl


    Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 1 Lb. by GreenSense I've seen the large amounts offer free shipping but for those looking for a modest amount of DE. You might have to search it on amazon bc I'm not having luck posting the link...
  19. zengrrl

    PVC vs a hog feeder

    I covet all the pics of PVC feeders. It looks like they can hold quite a bit of food. I can get the pig feeder from TSC and it holds a lb of food but the PVC probably hold so much more. So whats the costs vs $17 for the wall mounted pig feeder?
  20. zengrrl

    Screaming raccooons

    Dh and I worked all weekend to try to get our coop finished up. Everything seems secure, we put up welded wire fence acrross the top where it would be open rafters and it butts up against a drop ceiling type of material. When I got up in the rafters to staple this welded fencing down, I saw...
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