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  1. NorthChicken

    How rare is a crowing hen?

    How rare is it for a hen to crow? I was convinced this cochin was a pullet. Until I heard it crow yesterday!! It doesn't scream rooster to me, but I've been fooled before. Is this a hen or a roo?? I was trying to attach a video, but it won't attach. May be hard to tell from this one shot...
  2. NorthChicken

    Should I cull this poor thing? *Graphic pic*

    My poor BLRW hen has severe frost bite on her feet. She is the only one who has this happening out of my 8 hens, the only thing I can think of is her feet got wet and froze. I have a lot of ventilation and clean the coop every morning. The temps are usually anywhere from -30F below zero, but...
  3. NorthChicken

    Is this a fertilized egg?

    It may be hard to see, hard to get a good shot, but is this egg fertilized? I am planning on trying to incubate some eggs in a month or so, but want to make sure the roo is doing his job!
  4. NorthChicken

    What is going on with my poor girls feet?

    My BLRW has been refusing to come out of the coop for the past week. She will go down to eat and drink, and then goes right back up to roost. I figured she just wasn't a fan of the cold/snow, and just felt happier in the coop. I finally went to really check her out after calling the girls into...
  5. NorthChicken

    What is this in the egg?

    My girls are only giving me 1-2 eggs a day, and by the time I get home from work they are frozen solid and cracked open, so no eggs for me from my own flock. But I have been getting eggs from my mom who also owns chickens. Opened an egg to find this inside? Any idea what it is? And the albumen...
  6. NorthChicken

    Are these eggs from 2 different pullets?

    I have 6 girls that are about 7 months old. 3 have been laying for about a month, but 3 are taking their sweet time. I have a golden cuckoos marans that has been laying some beautiful dark eggs. My blue americauna and salmon favorelle are also laying. I am still waiting on my Easter Egger, BLRW...
  7. NorthChicken

    Is this normal rooster behavior?

    I am fairly new to chickens, got some last fall that are now about a year old, and have seven 19 week olds as well that I got this spring. One turned out to be a rooster, and for the time being I am letting him stay. I have never been around roosters and don't know if this is normal or not. I...
  8. NorthChicken

    Bald Eagle, Fox, what killed my hen??

    My 10 girls (and 3 ducks) all free range from 6am-8pm at night. I have woods on both ends of me, and my property overlooks a river. So I'm sure I have all kinds pf predators. I have a very secure run and coop, and they are all locked up safe and sound at night. Came home at 5pm the other day...
  9. NorthChicken

    I was a chicken person....

    I love chickens. I am a crazy chicken lady. But I kept hearing about how great duck eggs were, especially for baking. So I ordered 3 ducks, a Cayuga, a Blue Swedish and a Buff, but I wasn't really all that excited for them. I kept reading about how messy they are, how loud they can be. Plus, how...
  10. NorthChicken

    Any thoughts on this 11 week old silkie?

    I know silkies are difficult to sex, and you usually have to wait until they lay or crow...but thought I would put up a few pictures and see if there are any telltale signs I am missing. What do you think? Looking more roo or pullet?
  11. NorthChicken

    8 week old silkie attacking

    I have a flock of 7 chicks, between 7-8 weeks old. I also have three 10 month old chickens. Just recently, I introduced them after being separated by hardware cloth for the past 3 weeks. There were a few pecks and squabbles, and the big girls still chase the little girls when they are close by...
  12. NorthChicken

    BLRW a roo or pullet?

    Here are some updated pictures of my BLRW. She/he is 6 weeks old. Do you think roo or pullet?
  13. NorthChicken

    A little nervous about roosters

    So I have two 5 week old chicks in my little flock that MAY be potential roos. One is a silkie, so you know how that goes! No telling until they crow or lay an egg. The other is my BLRW. Definitely the bravest of the bunch and has come flying out of nowhere and chest bumped my dog (only a shih...
  14. NorthChicken

    Girls got a taste of outdoors today!

    My girls are 4 weeks (barnevelder and golden cuckoo marans) and 5 weeks (easter egger, blue ameracauana, silkie, salmon favorelle and BLRW) old. The weather has been nothing but rainy and cold for weeks. I was finally able to get them out to enjoy some rare warmth and sunshine today! They were...
  15. NorthChicken

    What would you do for landscape around this coop?

    Here is my little coop on the river. I have started landscaping around it with some plants/flowers, but am not sure what to do about the grass that doesn't seem to be growing. Would you put gravel or stone pavers? Just not sure what to do with it! I think I want some flag stone as a walkway, but...
  16. NorthChicken

    Anyone use Koop Clean?

    Just picked up a bag of this and can't wait to try it! Just curious if anyone else has tried this new product.
  17. NorthChicken

    4 weeks old, hopefully all pullets?

    I know they are still a bit young, but I am hoping they are old enough to get a good idea on gender. They are supposed to be sexed by the hatchery, but I know that is not always 100% accurate. Any guesses? Blue Amerecauna Easter Egger Salmon Favorelle Blue Laced Red...
  18. NorthChicken

    Two toenails in one toe

    My 4 week old silkie has two toenails growing out of one toe. Is this going to cause an issue as she/he grows? Here is a picture, kind of hard to see (it's hard to hold a squirming silkie chick and snap a picture of it's toe!!!)
  19. NorthChicken

    Why are her eggs so small?

    I have a speckled sussex (hatchery) that has been laying since February. Her eggs are barely bigger than my cochin bantam! Here is a picture of her egg compared to my barred rocks (hers is on the left). I don't consider the barred rock's egg huge by any means, so it just shows how small the...
  20. NorthChicken

    Is this BLRW a splash?

    I have 2 BLRW, one is about 2 weeks old, one is closer to 3 weeks old now. Is the lighter one a splash? And here is the younger, darker BLRW. Does it look like a blue or black laced?
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