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  1. kyle7630

    Color help question. What color are these keets?

    I have the same few guineas as I did last year. Pearl, Lavender, and pied of each. All babies last year were those same colors, and I kept a couple of hens from that hatch. This year, I have had two white keets pop up and now this one that looks to me like maybe a royal purple. Just wanted a...
  2. kyle7630

    Idea for humidity

    Thanks. It's worked well for me the last couple of hatches. Maybe someone will find it useful for them too.
  3. kyle7630

    Idea for humidity

    After doing this, I thought that there's no way someone hasn't thought of this before. Forgive me if this is a repeat. I had a few extra spots in my small LG incubator and I have been having trouble with my humidity dropping quickly. I would have to add water every two or three days which I...
  4. kyle7630

    22 in the oven and an experiment

    Just picked up some eggs from a very nice local lady yesterday and put them in the bator this morning. Can't wait for the new colors to hatch. Had 3 dozen. Decided to let a buddy incubate 12, and put 22 in my own bator. I made a nesting box and stuck it in one of the guineas favorite little...
  5. kyle7630

    Different pairs daily?

    My guineas seem to be pairing up fine, but they switch up fairly often. Is this swinging type behavior typical or should they pick a mate and stick together. There are 4 hens and three roos and still lots of chasing/fighting amongst the boys.
  6. kyle7630

    Wanting some Guinea Eggs

    I'm looking for a dozen or two hatching eggs. The colors I want are mainly royal purple, and buff. I wouldn't mind a few white as well. Looking to have them shipped to NC. Please let me know what you may have. Thanks!
  7. kyle7630

    All I want is.....

    All I want is a few reasonably priced hatching eggs from a certian few colors. Having a lil trouble finding Royal Purple, Chocolate, and Copper. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any.
  8. kyle7630

    Comment by 'kyle7630' in article 'Peepsca's Page'

    Such a shame about CA/s shipping rules. I'd love some eggs from your flock to add some West Coast flavor to my guinea family.
  9. kyle7630

    Question about fertile eggs

    Doesn't surprise me. He's been known to exaggerate. I'm thinking that he may have thought that I said my roo would give him bigger eggs (which I did, just not in that context), and maybe he didn't want me to feel bad when it didn't work (according to his perceived context), so he just said it to...
  10. kyle7630

    urghhh hate stoats!

    ummm, what's a stoat?
  11. kyle7630

    Question about fertile eggs

    Excuse my ignorance, but my neighbor told me something that just sounded strange to me, and I wanted to ask you all if this is possible. He has some mixed breed small / medium sized hens that lay smaller to medium light brown eggs. He wanted bigger eggs like mine so I gave him a big rooster when...
  12. kyle7630

    WTB Hens NC

    Want to buy some hens. Prefer BO, RIR, or something similar. Need them to have not started laying yet or just started recently. Prefer younger birds. I'm in Roxboro and the closer to here the better. looking for less than ten hens, but know someone near me that wants about twenty so if you have...
  13. kyle7630

    Anyone still hatching?

    I thought it was kinda late, but my oldest hen went missing a couple days ago and I found her on a small nest of 15 eggs. I thought is was a little late for this on the East coast. This makes 4 times this season for her. Is that typical?
  14. kyle7630

    Early Bird!

    Just went in to up the RH, and saw several more pips. I had to have miscounted somehow, or maybe my hen was on the eggs a couple of days longer than I thought.
  15. kyle7630

    Early Bird!

    I'm not sure what to think. I put a clutch of eggs in the bator on the 12th. My hen was gone for no more than 2 or 3 days before I found her on the eggs. My best guess is that she started to sit on the 10th of june. I went to turn the eggs this morning and there was a healthy hatched keet in...
  16. kyle7630

    Hey Kyle?

    Ok, I'll try to get some soon. I have been on crutches for a few weeks. As soon as I get a little more mobile, I'll post some pics. All 18 are doing well, although I did have a scare when one of them got it's leg hung up in the handle on the feeder. Poor guy was hanging upside down by his foot...
  17. kyle7630

    Help!! Asap!

    Where was the hen during this ordeal? Did you find the nest?
  18. kyle7630

    Air Gun for Dispatching Raccoons?

    Get him in a trap, put the trap in a heavy duty lawn bag, and wrap the bag opening to your tial pipe with duct tape. Less mess that way. If you are ok with the cost of the pellet gun, it will work fine.
  19. kyle7630

    Friend of mine needs help! Dog problem and neighbors being IDIOTS!

    Quote: ^^^^^ Whatever you take from this thread, make sure you etch the above statment in your brain. You can't shoot to scare a dog off, or shoot to sting him a little so he won't come back. If that is your intention, you'd better not say that around animal control. Always say, he was after...
  20. kyle7630

    I want guineas, would clipping the wings keep them in the yard?

    Here at my place, a two foot fence may as well be a mile high. They will just pace back and forth forever. I've heard them called hardy birds plenty, but smart is a lesser used term with guineas. I say why not? Give it a try. I waste more money in a month on fast food than a few guineas cost...
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