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  1. Ukmumbrood3

    WTB porcelain and self blue d'uccle hatching eggs

    Looking for both porcelain and self blue d'uccle hatching eggs. I have plenty of Mille de fleurs so not Intrested in those,thanks!
  2. Ukmumbrood3

    Southern md ( Charles county )-to fight or not to fight?

    So to cut along story short, I live on an acre and a 1/4 in Charles county,md and have owned chickens for the last 6 months. I thought I'd done my homework and was allowed to own a backyard flock. Everything has been great, neighbors excited with the prospect of freebie eggs,I clean coops...
  3. Ukmumbrood3

    Filthy eggs~what's the best way to clean them?

    Received some eggs today that unless I clean them there's no way I dare put them in my incubator! I'm not talking a little poop I'm talking COVERED! So question is, what's the best way? Will it affect my hatch rate?
  4. Ukmumbrood3

    WTB pumpkin hulsey eggs Chicks or started pair/trio

    Interested in either eggs or chicks/started birds, thanks! Kate
  5. Ukmumbrood3

    WTB SHAMO eggs and b/b/s jersey giants

    Looking for both shamo eggs and jersey giants,SQ/BQ only please! anything from 6 to 12 eggs. Thanks so much!
  6. Ukmumbrood3

    Looking for good quality silkies

    I'm currently looking for silkies of any color that are of good breeding quality, Anything from day old chicks to a year old. You must be able to ship. Thanks!
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