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  1. Chicken586

    What gender is this?

  2. Chicken586

    How to get chickens to come out and see me

    With me I just call out “here chick chick” and they will all come and run to me
  3. Chicken586

    Beat up rooster *photos attached are graphic*

    Keep him in the cage for a little while until the chickens get used to him. After a couple weeks let him out of the cage and with the chickens if they still pick on him keep him in the cage. This is what I would do
  4. Chicken586

    Ended 2022 BYC Calendar Photo Contest - We Need Your Pictures!

    These are my chickens taking mud baths
  5. Chicken586

    Is this egg fertile?

    Does not look fertile, if it was you would see a little bit of a chick forming in the egg but it safe to eat.
  6. Chicken586

    Ended 2022 BYC Calendar Photo Contest - We Need Your Pictures!

    These are my Isa Browns scratching in our digging place called the enchanted forest
  7. Chicken586


    That looks like a hen but I think if you look it up you can see.
  8. Chicken586

    Chick twitching.

    Hi I bought 8 chicks yesterday day and today one chick died, but the one that died came back to life! I’m not lying, so we took it inside and it also has a impacted crop also keeps twitching and jumping and lays down. Please help, thank you.
  9. Chicken586

    14 day old chick smaller, no tail feathers

    The golden laced Wyandotte will not grow its tail until its a little older, I had some and their tails did not start showing until they got older.
  10. Chicken586

    RIP Blueberry Bush

    Not gonna lie but chickens will not let anything grow, like I had a strawberry plant and they ate the whole thing.
  11. Chicken586

    Chicken got frostbite while molting

    If you could say the temp it’s reaching that would help
  12. Chicken586

    Working Bella

    Nice! But may I please reminded you that BYC is for chickens, but nice dog!
  13. Chicken586

    Gurgling sound?

    Is she just gurgling or are there anymore side effects
  14. Chicken586

    Help! Chicken with large mass!

    Update: sadly she passed away after we tried everything we could, fly high
  15. Chicken586

    Help! Chicken with large mass!

    It seems like she can poop, but this is like a weird mass thing, and like I said it’s hard as a peach seed, but thank you for your help
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