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  1. chickentherapy1

    One of my chickens is losing feathers. What is wrong with her?

    one of my chickens is losing her feathers. What should I do?
  2. chickentherapy1

    Covering a chicken run

    What is an inexpensive way to cover my chicken run to keep it from getting muddy?
  3. chickentherapy1

    Using Sand

    We have a chicken run that gets so muddy, and would like to try sand. What kind of sand should we use?
  4. chickentherapy1

    Rhode Island Red Roo or Hen?

    The picture in my avatar is one of my Rhode Island red chicks I received December 17th. I call her big red because she's so much bigger than the other one and clearly the dominant chick one in the group. The picture was taken yesterday. My dog Riley is in the crate, because she wouldn't...
  5. chickentherapy1

    New to backyard chickens

    Well we don't have our chickens yet, but we have a 5' x 6' coop with six nesting boxes and working on building a fence. My husband and I are arguing over how big it should be. I want the area to be as big as possible to allow them to range more freely. He is concerned about the chickens taking...
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