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    Eye Injury or illness, help, please

    My 10 week old CLB has this wound near her eyelid. I am not sure what to do, it's the first time I have a chicken illness problem.
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    First hatch help ID

    So I have two EE, my rooster is a pure Ameraucana blue. I have 3 blue hens and one splash. First time ever hatching these. I'm having a hard time distinguishing some of the Ameraucanas from the EE. They are 3 days old.
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    Help!!! chick has something protruding

    I removed the others and moved them to the brooder. They were picking at his butt and I think they were hurting him. He seems lonely now. I thimmed the thinnest part as it was attached to his leg. I feel bad leaving it alone in the incubator. Is that his intestines, does he have a chance? I...
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    How do you know if they need help hatching? Or something wrong?

    I had my first hatchling and he's doing a great job, others started poking holes from inside. This one has been like this for hours. Is it normal? I totally missed the first one being born. How long does it take after they poke the first little hole? I'm not good at the terminology of pipping...
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    My first hatch ever

    I wasn't expecting this to happen until tomorrow, but I have my first ever baby chick just hatch! How long do I keep him in the incubator? Do I waste for the others? What do I do? I am so excited! My first baby on mother's day!
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    My first incubation pics

    Hello, today my incubator says there are 5 days to hatching. Some of the eggs I can't see anything in them. If I am reading instructions correctly at day 18, I need to remove the turner and increase humidity to about 70-75%. Is s the development you see consistent with about day 16? Thank you
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    Is she broody? Should I move her?

    I have a drama queen who refuses to leave the nest box, she hogs it and tries to reach down and put other hens eggs under her. Since it's an incline they sometimes crack a little from her trying to pull them up. I placed some nesting material in one of the not so popular nest boxes with about 4...
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    2 days to lock down, are ameraucana harder to candle?

    Hi, I have some pure ameraucana eggs, ND I'm fi ding hard to see through when I candle. Others are easier. Is it because they are blue all the way through? 1st hatch and I pulled out a few. What do you think about these ones? It says 5 days left, what should I be looking for?
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    Day 6 and haven't turned...

    Hi everyone, I am new and this is my first time incubating. I have the nurture right 360 and just realized that the turner wasn't plugged in. What should I do? Is this batch pretty much doomed? Also, what happens if humidity drops below the 50% while I'm at work? I've gotten home to find it...
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    Shipped chick acting weak

    Good morning I received these cream legbars yesterday, they were all looking good, this morning I have one standing off to its side, away from the others and not doing much. I offered a little bit of yolk slightly cooked. He peeps if I hold her. Is it stress from the trip? What can I do? They...
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    Witness 1st mating attempt!

    OK, so I never planned on keeping him, but he's too darn handsome. My girls are older and started laying. I just witnessed my 16 week old blue Ameraucana mating and she submitted. The thing is that with 5 girls laying I have no idea exactly who's laying what. She's a golden comet and just...
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    Roo maturity age?

    I have some pure ameraucanas that I suspect are Roos. At what age do Ameraucana Roos become sexually mature? Also, while I wait to rehome, does the presence of males influence hens becoming broody? My hens just started laying in the last two days.
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    Should I switch to layer feed? I have one Roo

    Hi, I have 12 pullets and 1 young too, they range from 14-24 weeks. I know some of my girls are ready to start laying soon, squatting, red combs and wattles. What is the best feed and snacks I can offer them? I usually spoil them with Boss, and the roam my yard daily. So far I have been...
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    1st timer here, how soon after they start crouching?

    So, I am super excited because I have seen a couple of my girls crouch and submit when I get closer to them. They lay low and spread their wings a little. These girls are not usually the ones that let me just walk up to them and pet them. This is one of the behaviors that mean they should be...
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    Are these cockerels?

    OK, so I've narrowed down to what seem to be the two suspects of being boys. The blue is being a bully to one of the 2 splash. I'm pretty certain it is a boy. Is the curving of the tail feathers one of the signs of being a boy? I know about the neck feathers, but there's an optical illusion in...
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    Help! How do you set up a nest box?

    Sorry for the dumb title and question. New chicken tender here. I just realized that some of my girls are old enough to start laying. I don't have nest boxes installed yet, I will be purchasing a 3 box rollaway soon. 1.What materials do you put in the nest boxes? 2. what can I use in the...
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    Help with ameraucana gender

    I think I got better pictures, they are about 10 - 12 weeks old. There are 5, 2 splash and 3 blues. They were supposed to be all pullets. Can you please explain what I need to be looking for in sexing these? Thanks in advance! Picture heavy. *there are only 5,but took many pictures of the...
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    Need recommendations on adding next boxes!

    Hi everyone, my first group of girls will be approaching 18-20 weeks and I need to decide what to buy for nest boxes. We don't have much time these days and I have a group of 14 hens (I'm hoping). Anyway, to purchase pre-made nest boxes to add to my home made coop. I'm looking for 3 nest boxes...
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    All girls? Breeds

    So they are getting big enough to start telling if they are pullets or roos. I know I have some EE, but my youngest ones are supposed to be Black, blue or splash ameraucanas, no green. Legs on them either. Paid good money for ameraucanas too! Help me identify sex and breed if possible. Tia!
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    How to separate flock. Ckn math

    Hi, I am n a bit of a pickle. I have 3 hen from my 1st purchase from TSC, 2 blk orpington and 1 golden lace wyandotte. I wanted some ameraucanas and ended up getting a couple of EE and one that looks like an ameraucana. Then, chicken math hit me again and I found a local farm that I ended up...
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