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  1. Lincy

    Sick pullet lethargy

    My three month old pullet presented with lethargy almost a week ago. I have had her separated and giving Sq fluids. Not eating or drinking on her own. She is vaccinated for mereaks and coccidia. No new birds, change in feed or other symptoms. The rest of the flock is fine. She was dewormed...
  2. Lincy

    Leg paralysis

    A few months ago, I had a young rooster begin limping. I figured he had injured himself some how and just monitored. Well the limp worsened to where the toes were curled under, but he was still walking on it. At this point, I braced it and confined him for a few days. He was in pain and I...
  3. Lincy

    Help. Chick has swallowed a string

    A friend's 7 week old pullet has partially swallowed a string. Not sure how much, but I've tugged a bit and it wont come out. Any suggestions?
  4. Lincy

    Hen with swollen face and mouth sore

    Tamera has a swollen face (only one side) and what appears to be a sore in the corner of her mouth. It almost looks like bumblefoot in her mouth. She didn't eat or drink much today, but layed an egg. She is a little lethargic. I have her inside away from the others. Ideas on what I should do...
  5. Lincy

    Polish hen or roo?

    The price is right for these three polish. The lady says she thinks they are all pullets between 3 and 4 months. I know nothing about this breed. Anyone see any signs of a roo? Thanks! These are the pictures she sent me. I know they are not the best.
  6. Lincy

    Japanese Bantam Roosters - Atlanta Area

    Do you have a free ranging flock that needs the protection of a rooster? Do you hate loud obnoxious 5am wake up calls and roosters that are aggressive towards people and rough with their hens? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then I have the rooster for you! These guys are...
  7. Lincy

    Buckeye future roo or hen?

    I'm new to Buckeye chickens and I know they are late bloomers. This guy/gal has me wondering what it is. It is almost 12 weeks old, but has more comb development than my other buckeye. It also has a good bit of pink too. Anyone here have more experience sexing these guys? I'm thinking pullet...
  8. Lincy

    Best way to eat a bantam?

    We have an abundance of bantam roosters. We have eaten some in the past (cooked in the crockpot), but I wanted to know how others eat theirs. Looking for something tasty. Thanks!
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