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  1. bravevline

    Why can't make drakes talk like hens do?

    Ok I don't have any bird at the present moment, but I seen some earlier and was wondering, why is that the male ducks can't talk like the girls? I remember 3 years ago I was 16 and got my first birds. 2 ducks and 2 white Chinese goslings that both turned out to be ganders. One of the ducks...
  2. bravevline

    they hatched!!!

    it is so exciting!!! my first ever broody bird has hatched her clutch!!! she sat on fourteen eggs. i tried to count the hatched and hatching, but she didnt want me around. from what i got, i know one was a dud, and i am anticipating 10-12 babies!!!
  3. bravevline

    how to worm goslings for gizzard worms?

    ii had an order of eight goslings from stronbergs. three embdens three toulouse and two tufted romans. ive had them for about three and a half weeks now. two of them i noticed were not growing. one died at about hatch size the other day. i still have the other which is about twice her size, but...
  4. bravevline

    are manna pro life lites safe for goslings?

  5. bravevline

    toulouse or brown chinese?

  6. bravevline

    what do you prefer?

    i want to see what most people like. do you prefer geese that are descended from the greylags, or the swangoose? or do you like the canadians? basically, which goose do you fancy?
  7. bravevline

    broody turkey hen

    wow! this is my first broody ever!!! (except for my goose, who kept getting her eggs stolen and gave up this year)!!! now that the birds are in a safer area, she has found an old abandoned dog house in our yard and made a nest and laid fourteen eggs in it and has now now went to sitting. i...
  8. bravevline

    adult geese

    wanting adult geese of greylag origin; no chinese or african. will pay $50 and shipping per goose. particularly, i would like: a female embden gosling at least a month old. offering $20 a pair of adult toulouse geese. offering $100+ would also like some muscovy ducks (a pair or trio) make offer!!!
  9. bravevline

    why do my babies keep dying!?!?!?

    every duckling i hatch always dies!!!!!!!!!! i want a few more ducks but they all die!!! i really dont think it is improper brooding methods because all my other birds live but my ducks keep on dying!!! they are always in this position. this one is not dead yet, but it will be soon. i just dont...
  10. bravevline

    my ne goats

    ive been anting goats for a while now, and ive finally got them!!!!!!!!! say hello to socks and nutmeg!!! the buckling, socks, is about three months old and is bout three fourths boer, and a little bit of a dairy breed. the doeling, nutmeg, is about four months old and is one fourth to one half...
  11. bravevline

    babies dying!!!

    the other night, a duckling that i hatched for sick. it was in the yard and all the sudden, it wasn't itself. i brought it in the house and put it in front of a heater since it was not producing its own body weight. now i have a gosling i spent a lot of money on with a similar problem, because i...
  12. bravevline

    does this sound like a good feeding plan?

    soon, my pen will be built. this pen will have a chain link fence and will be roughly 200X50. in this pen, there will be roughly 30 chickens, 10 ducks, 10 geese, 6-10 bourbon red turkeys, and 4 peafowl. and 3-5 adult purebred nubian goats. in the pen, will be a barn (20X15). in the barn, i will...
  13. bravevline

    Gosling pipped wrong part of the egg!!!

    My gosling came out of the wrong part off the egg. It didn't pop the air cell, but its beak is out so it can breathe. Can it still hatch naturally?
  14. bravevline

    Birds dying!?!?!?

    I have some babies in a pen. Chicks (two are pretty big now), ducklings (or there WAS a duckling), and goslings. I spent close to $70.00 on the goslings and getting them here, so they will be separated later. For the last four days, without fail, soneone comes up dead by morning. The first three...
  15. bravevline

    At last, I've done it!!!

    Finally, I have hatched my own gosling!!!!!!!!!!I'm happy!!!
  16. bravevline

    New turkeys!!!

    Just got back from the auction with these new, lovely turkeys. Bourbon red tom, bourbon red hen, and ??? tom!!!
  17. bravevline

    Floatation testing?

    If you float test an egg, and it has zero movement, does it automatically mean it is dead? What are the odds!?!?!?
  18. bravevline

    Sticky afterbirth stuff on chicks?

    Two chicks that I have hatched had this sticky afterbirth stuff on them that did not dry off. Instead, it hardened and got worse after drying. Both of those chicks died. Now there is a duckling in its shell that seems like it may have the same thing happening to it. I wet the membrane, since it...
  19. bravevline

    Duckling internally pipped WAYYY to early!!!

    Tonight, I candled my eggs, and I think it has internally pipped. The bill is through the shell and I feel little tiny taps like it is trying to peck a hole in the shell. It was not set to hatch until the 22nd. Is it ok!?!?!?
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