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    Possible stargazing syndrome/other? chicken mom here...I have 7 week old pullets now...all doing well, even my special needs baby...She started doing this at 2 weeks old and is still doing it...ONLY when she drinks. Acting fine and normal every other way. I have added vitamins in their water when I first saw this...
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    2 week chick falls backwards after drinking

    Hi...Only one of my 2 week old chicks (NH Red) drinks water and then her head falls backwards and rolls back and forth and then I have to help it up...what is happening? Should I worry? She eats and acts fine otherwise. Thanks for any help! New chick mama here!!
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    New member from hudson valley ny

    Hi, my name is Kelly and will be a new chicken mama this summer. Starting to repurpose an old shed into their coop and get their run enclosed. Can't wait to learn lots here!! Thank-you
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