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    Cockerels or hens?

    I need help in distinguishing if these 2 are boys or girls, they are 3 months old and not crowing
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    Official BYC Poll: How do you name your pet chickens?

    Mine are all car themed, my rooster is named v8. My girls are as follows- Rusty Fluffy dice Oil slick Tyre Smoke out Ford Holden Nitro Patina Burnout Static
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    What are some uncommon breeds according to everyone else

    I love my polish girls, great personalities and love to be cuddled
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    Are they boys or girls?

    Tried to get some better pics today but those little ones just hate sitting still 😂 here are the pics anyways 😊
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    Are they boys or girls?

    Hi everyone, fairly new to raising babies but they are now 10 weeks old and I still don’t know if they are boys or girls. Someone please help this confused fluffy butt mum!!!
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