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    Female Mallard bill color change

    Hello. I know that mallard ducklings have a black bill that changes to orange w/ some black when they get their feathers in. I am wondering if the bill continues to change after adulthood. Does some of the black fill back in sometimes? I took a picture of a female mallard at 4 months old (left)...
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    Anise for ducks?

    Hi all. I read on the duck treat/food list that ducks can have Calf Manna which is flavored with anise b/c ducks, etc find that very tasty. I have a mallard that was rehabbed and released back in the area where he was injured. He was released 5 1/2 wks ago and we take him a snack once or twice a...
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    4wk old Mallard - when/how to release back outside

    I have a 4wk old Mallard that was attacked my its mother due to misdirected aggression due to the presence of another duck she was looking to attack and was unable to. Every time we take this little duckling out for exercise - other ducks try to attack him b/c he isn't their baby. He has also...
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    approx 7wk old duck w/ diarrhea

    Hello! I have an unknown mallard cross that is approx 7wks old. She/he has had diarrhea for approx 28hrs now - I added a pic. She is also more quiet, less active (this baby has never been extremely active to begin with and prefers to be a lap duck -_-). She has little to no appetite. They...
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    hello - I have a sick duck :(

    Hi, I joined b/c I have a 7wk old mallard x ? that has had diarrhea for about 24hrs. I have never had any chickens or ducks before. I will look for the duck forums!
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