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    Metal roof construction (ventilation?)

    Hi, I'm almost done constructing my coop and getting ready to put the roof on. I'm using recycled metal panels and I'm not sure how I want to attach them. The question is do I notch the supports so the roof is flush with the walls or do I let the roof supports sit on top of the walls creating an...
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    Black jersey giant pullet or roo?

    That's what I was thinking. We aren't overly attached to this chicken in particular. We always kind of suspected it was a cockerel. He's gonna be a magnificent roo. Too bad we can't have roos.
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    Black jersey giant pullet or roo?

    Is it still too early to call? 7.5 weeks old. The comb and wattles are not as red as my camera seems to make them look. They are really more pink with some grey.
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    3.5 week old barred rock with runny poop

    Update: my sweet Charlotte seems to be all better. I came down this morning and witness a nice, normal, solid poop fall from her behind. She's looking good, acting normal. What I did was the Save-a-Chick electrolytes and probiotics in the main waterer, gave her a dropper full of colloidal silver...
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    3.5 week old barred rock with runny poop

    We have the temp at 80 under the lamp. (started at 95 and dropped 5 degrees every week) Thanks for the info, I hadn't thought of that. She's one of the larger chicks of the bunch so maybe she's getting overheated. I'll try dropping it 5 degrees. I don't know what intestinal shedding looks like...
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    3.5 week old barred rock with runny poop

    I have 5 chickens I got at a day old, 3.5 weeks ago. They are all together in a play pen in my living room with pine shavings and a heat lamp. We recently started taking them out to a chicken tractor when the weather is warm enough. All the birds are acting fine but my barred rock is having...
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    Review by 'Nikidust' in article 'Littlefeats The Feather Factory Chicken Coop'

    Great notes, and a well thought out design
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    Finally started my flock 🐥

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? My mom had chickens when I was a teenager/younger adult and I loved them. When we finally bought a house 9 years ago, I was so excited to find out that we were allowed to have chickens. I wanted to get some but my husband wasn't on...
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