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  1. Sam208

    Wizbang Chicken Plucker

    I wanting to know how many common people have these pluckers. if you made your own about what did it cost? are they worth the cost to build one ? sam
  2. Sam208

    silver laced polish

    I have a polish roo that is about 22 weeks old. I have 25 RIR same age that really like to peck his head which make it start bleeding and they wont leave him alone after that. Ive tryed pine tar and about every thing eles and notting seems to work. Any body got any Ideal what might stop them...
  3. Sam208

    how to meatie take the cold

    I think about doing another batch after this one. I have to keep them in the shed do to all the coyotes,coons and all other things that like to eat chickens. I keep them good and clean (not really that hard ). Well as most of you know we are going in to winter and is getter colder faster this...
  4. Sam208

    ag lime for a coop floor

    I have a 8x12 chicken house with a dirt floor i wish i could keep the dirt floor. but it is just so dusty mostly because the chickens dig holes in the floor. so i was wanting to know if i could just put about 2 inches of ag lime down to keep the dirt and the dust were it belongs thanks sam
  5. Sam208

    white broilers

    I was wanting to know dose any body have any pics of 4-5 week old broilers. I was wanting to see about how big they are thanks sam
  6. Sam208

    feeding corn

    I was wanting to know dose feeding cracked corn to Xrocks dose it do more harm than good to them fat wise? could someing please tell them if it make them taste is any better are not with the aid of corn with feed? thanks sam
  7. Sam208

    are we close to laying pics

    we are 18-19 week old RIR s sam208
  8. Sam208

    laying mesh

    Why should you wait intill the hen starts to lay be you start feeding laying mesh??? thanks sam
  9. Sam208

    when to start feeding laying mesh

    I have 18 week old RIR that have not started to lay i was wanting to know whne should they be put on laying mesh. They are all on flock rasier rite now mostly because i feed it to the meat birds. thank sam
  10. Sam208

    when do you turn the heat light out

    I have 4 week xrocks which are doing find but i still have the heat light on them all the time. Thy spend most of the day outside in the run with the feeder and water and what ever bugs they can find. But the temp are getting down in the low 40s high 30s at nite and the high temp during the day...
  11. Sam208


    I went and put my meat birds xrocks on the scale and i was woundering if they should weigh a bit more. thet about about 4 weeks old . Ive be feed 12 on off 12 the roosters are about 4 lbs hens about 3-3.5 lbs thank sam
  12. Sam208

    18 week old RIR

    I know this has been asked before but i cant seem to find any thing about it. when will that start laying eggs there are RIR and 18 weeks old. I guess I just in a hurry to start getting eggs is all. thanks sam
  13. Sam208

    what dose a sneeze sould like

    I got some xrock meat birds and they make a sound like a sneeze but it not loud you have to be listening to hear it. if it a sneeze how would you treat it? thanks sam i hope this is the rite room for a question like this.
  14. Sam208

    wax worms

    Can you feed wax worms not meal worms to chickens? If so dose any body know how to raise them ive tryed to a few time with no luck. thanks sam208
  15. Sam208

    rasing wax worms not meal worms

    I been trying to rasie some wax worms for fishing and what not i was wanting to know if any of you ever rasied any. I cant seem to get my food rite if any of you ever raised them with luck could you please post how you made your food for the wax worms thanks sam208
  16. Sam208

    I got my meat birds

    I got my Xrocks form MM sept 4 and they had a hard ride i guess took 4 days to get to my house. my question is could some please post a pic of a 2 week old meat bird. thanks sam208
  17. Sam208

    water holes

    I have 27 rir that are 10 weeks old. It rained last nite and when i let them out this morning they ran over to the dust hole which was full of water and the jumped in and had a good time. But what makes chickens get in to water? I didnt think they like water? sam
  18. Sam208

    blue kote

    IS there anything that your can put on chicks that are for eatting and egg laying . the blu kote can say not for animals to be eaten. But what can you put on them that is safe for eatting. thanks sam
  19. Sam208

    silver laced polish

    Ive got a silver polish form MM for the rare bird he is 10 weeks old today he been trying to crow I guess they crow? Ok his crow dont sound like a crow more like yell will he sound like a normal rooster as he get older. thanks sam208
  20. Sam208

    hen are rooster

    could some one tell me if he a roo are not thanks sam
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