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  1. Melissashae_zookeeper

    Day Old Chicks!

    These are my sweet adorable chicks that we hatched out of eggs collected from our chickens. The rooster is a barred rock and the eggs were collected from my hens that are all different. I know 2 chicks hatched from my splash ameracauna and 1 from my easter egger. The other 3 chicks could be...
  2. Melissashae_zookeeper

    Day 16 of Incubation

    We have a tiny hatchling! Out of 15 celadon coturnix eggs from Alchemist Farms,1 has hatched so far and 8 more have pipped!
  3. Melissashae_zookeeper

    The one I can't figure out.

    Anyone have any idea what breed this hen is!? I've got a few silver and golden laced wynodettes, an ameracauna splash and barred rocks but this lady has left me puzzled for the last 6 months...
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