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  1. Hillbilly Rooster

    Letting Chickens Clean up Carcus?

    Is it ok or have you heard of anyone allowing their chickens to clean up a deer carcus after proccessing it? Just wondering since it would be good protein.
  2. Hillbilly Rooster

    How are your Kids sports going?

    Just wondering how everyones childrens sports are going. The boys JV football team just won there first game. First year playing JV and did really well. Alot of freshman on the team and they came to play this year. 46 to 6 Daughter cheering and at practice sprained her shoulder throwing a...
  3. Hillbilly Rooster

    VET Rx?

    Can anyone tell me it you can eat the eggs after using this product it has nothing in the instructions that states you cannot. If I put it in a vaporizor will this work in coop for them to breath and combat the dust?
  4. Hillbilly Rooster

    Where to get Oxine.

    Were should I look and can i keep eating the eggs after spraying the coops down. This summer the coops are very dusty. I have exhaust fans and box fans running for the ammonia and dust but want to take procautions.
  5. Hillbilly Rooster

    Nesting box death

    My wifes golden laces banty rooster was not crowing today he was in the nesting box dead looks as if the girls had sufficated him. Not sure why he always liked the back of the nesting boxes. He was so cool.
  6. Hillbilly Rooster


    I am starting this and will be on vacation and check on it a little. Hope this is the right thread but everyone will get the point. Just informed that if you have any guns you may want to get your ammunition know. Not to scare anyone but there is hear say that a offical organization is buying...
  7. Hillbilly Rooster

    Vacation to the south...

    Any helpful hints for stopping and site seeing on the way down to Nashville, TN. Then from Nashville to Abbeville,AL. My teenagers are driving know and I will need a break here and there.
  8. Hillbilly Rooster

    Has anyone tried trash can feeders??

    They are made out of the durable rubbermaid 44 gallon trash cans. They have a special bottom but I cannot find one. Wondering if anyone would have an idea what I can use. I have 81 chickens. I am working on a watering invention so it stays fresh so bacteria will not grow. I just have to get...
  9. Hillbilly Rooster

    Frothy tan poo

    Could this be worms? And would garlic help? My roo had it now he has normal poo as I look at it looks like turkey crap you see in the wild.
  10. Hillbilly Rooster


    I put my teenagers in the pen and coop with the Big Girls and with the main roo. The girls really dont care about the add ons they chase a little but the roo is being a little aggessive. Should I seperate him and then put him back?
  11. Hillbilly Rooster

    Taking a chance with the FLOCK

    I have 50 new chicks that I plan on introducing to 30 hens and one roo. I am going to wait until dark and shut the light off and put in the teenagers and see if the old girls can handle little ones. The little ones are 3 weeks from going on layer feed so I think that they should be able to take...
  12. Hillbilly Rooster

    New coop started.

    I am hope that this works this is what I started out with. 100.00 cannot buy the materials for that. Just a couple nesting boxes. Some Roosts.
  13. Hillbilly Rooster

    Early wake up to volience

    Well woke up at 2am the other morning to ducks making noise 2 flew away, one dead, and a pekin injured. Thinking fox or coyotes left the teenage chickens alone and the pheasants and banties alone in there chicken tractors. 2 nights go by and I am staying aware put ducks up in there old pen...
  14. Hillbilly Rooster

    Hens Molting

    What is the best way to take care of molting hens and how long does it last? My egg production has gone down bad. The other question is that how often do they molt?
  15. Hillbilly Rooster

    Permits for ringnecks

    Why is it if I get ringnecks from an farm that I have to fill out a permit. It is not like I can let them grow and release them they will not make it threw the winter months having to rely on humans to feed them? I plan on eating mine. Not showing them unless the kids want to. Is it illegal...
  16. Hillbilly Rooster

    Baby pheasants

    I just recieved my ringneck pheasants othe other day and they are awesome. Are they like chickens the more you pay attention and hold them will they stay friendly. I plan on saving only one hen and one roo. As to see if I can have babies next yr.
  17. Hillbilly Rooster

    Help with Baby chicks feed.

    I have 50, 8 to 10 week old chicks and then I have for Bantams that are 4 weeks old if I put them in with the older ones and they do fine can I start them on the different feed along with my older ones will it hurt them. I just brought home 30 pheasants and I need to make room. Does anyone see...
  18. Hillbilly Rooster

    Looking in Michigan camper coop

    Looking for a 15 to 20 foot camper so that I can build a coop out of it. Is there anyone out there that might know of some one I am running out of time. I have to have it set up before the end of June 2009. Everyone around me thinks I am nuts. My wife agrees with me on this so I am going for...
  19. Hillbilly Rooster

    Help Babies stopped

    The chicks are 41/2 weeks old and act like they stopped growing. Golden comets should I give them higher protein count in food. Bantams wings look to large for there body is that normal? Cochins just look fat they are all the same age. I already have them outside in a tractor with a small...
  20. Hillbilly Rooster

    WOW chicks are brats

    I have 4 1/2 week old Golden comets in a tractor the week in and out made a small coop. They are next to my Buff Hens and Rooster. I went out and there was a couple out and I had to round up as we all know that is fun. They went right in to big coop ran right to the rooster and the hens come...
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