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  1. GrannyCarol

    Notes on Frostbite from Storey's Guide

    It can get quite cold here, though not yet this year. I have a mixed flock of ducks, Silver Appleyards, Welsh Harlequins, Saxonys, Anconas, Khaki Campbells and a few crosses. I bed down their "house" (a converted storage shed) with oat straw and also their night time pen. If it gets really cold...
  2. GrannyCarol

    At what age......

    I would say that most drakes mature in the spring when they are about a year old, its pretty early in the season for him to be interested. Drakes are a lot more active in the spring. Give him a couple more months and he'll likely be plenty active about it all. Oh! I just noticed you are in...
  3. GrannyCarol

    Ate my first straight up duck egg today!

    I used to do about 2 duck eggs for a recipe that calls for 3 chicken eggs, but that's too much work to figure out. I just toss them in one for one, except for my really big eggs (my Appleyards and Saxonys lay 3 - 4 oz eggs!), I'd cut them back a bit. When I first started eating duck eggs for...
  4. GrannyCarol

    What breed?

    I have a Welsh Harlequin/Khaki Campbell cross that looks just like that in color. However, if your duckling is as big as the Pekin you have, it could be a Rouen. A Mallard would be quite small next to a Pekin, so I don't think that is what he is.
  5. GrannyCarol

    Welsh Harlequin

    Why would we cull golds? They ARE the original standard in England. The silvers came later and are considered incorrect in the country of origin. I love them both. :)
  6. GrannyCarol

    2012 Waterfowl Breeders Directory

    Please remove me from the Breeder's list. I'm cutting back and may or may not have eggs available next year, but I'm done with separating ducks for the summer! Thank you very much!
  7. GrannyCarol

    Male duck mating in the female too much?

    If her neck/head is bald, he is probably mating her. Perhaps what you think is beating her up is actually mating? The male climbs on the back of the female and hangs on to her feathers until he is done. There is a good deal of flopping around in the process and he'll fall off when he's done...
  8. GrannyCarol

    Ducks just arrived, one not doing so good

    I would try giving it B vitamins as well as electrolytes. Ducks specifically need Niacin and can develop neurological and lameness issues if they are deficient. Put 100 mg of Niacin in each gallon of drinking water or I've heard PolyViSol (sp?) works well too. If that is the problem, the...
  9. GrannyCarol

    sexxing ducklings ? HELP!

    I find that by 3 weeks I can start to hear happy girl noises (but you have to know what to listen for) when they eat. Unfortunately, I can never tell which duckling is doing the happy chortle. :) At 4 - 5 weeks I can start to hear some real "quacks" in the pen and can start to tell who...
  10. GrannyCarol

    Khaki Campbell

    I still have two of the three I got from Holderreads some 8 years ago. They are still beautiful and healthy. I like the breed, though I have others that I like better (mostly because of fancier colors!). Enjoy!
  11. GrannyCarol

    Introducing Ducklings to Aggressive Drakes?

    I generally would not put them together quite yet. Your Khakis are pretty young. Give them another couple of weeks and, if possible, contain them where they can interact with the older ducks. When you put them together, try to do it in a place where the older ducks are not used to being, so they...
  12. GrannyCarol

    1 year old Welsh Harlequin going for the record number of eggs/ducklings??

    Personally, I'd take all the eggs and discard them. Give her a nest full of fakes (golf balls might work). Keep the ones she lays in a carton in a cool place (about 60 degrees). Tip the carton slightly and change the angle a couple of times a day. When she gets serious about setting, trade for...
  13. GrannyCarol

    Ducklings Died?

    That's very strange. Can you give us the brand and any information on the package as to the new food? A change in diet shouldn't bother them, but maybe there is something wrong with the food itself? I'm so sorry for your loss, that is just plain awful.
  14. GrannyCarol

    My ducklings and goslings made it!!!

    You'll probably have to ask the Holderreads what that is, because I've never heard of them and I can't imagine they'd be sending mixes.
  15. GrannyCarol

    Tahai's Duck Journey!

    If your ducklings are comfy and not huddled up under the light, its warm enough. I don't think I've ever had my brooder at the 95 they talk about, I just go for what the ducklings are comfortable at. Cute babies! What is a "TSQ Welsh Harlequin"?
  16. GrannyCarol

    Are cross' between two Duck breeds sterile?

    Of the three breeds you list, Welsh Harlequins would be the best layers. They are one of the top laying breeds and usually good pets too. Khakis are great layers, though personally I just like the WH better than the Khakis. :)
  17. GrannyCarol

    Welsh Harlequin

    Keep the ducks in until about 9 am and they will likely lay in the coop. Most ducks lay before 9 am in the morning. Give them a couple of golf balls as "fake eggs" to teach them where you want them to lay.
  18. GrannyCarol

    Are cross' between two Duck breeds sterile?

    Muscovies crossed with any of the Mallard derivatives (all the other domesticated duck breeds) will produce sterile hybrids, yes. They are good for meat and may (or may not) lay eggs.
  19. GrannyCarol

    Talking to a brick wall - advice!!

    Yeah, find a home for the Rouen drake, that should help a lot. Either that or offer to teach the kids how to butcher and cook a duck?
  20. GrannyCarol

    What to feed ducklings

    They won't need a pool until they are older. At this age, they haven't developed their oils yet and could waterlog pretty easily and chill. Just be sure they can dunk their heads under water to wash their nostrils as they eat. I will give baby ducks a cat litter pan with warm water on a warm...
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