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  1. 3xhhheather

    Severe Neglect Case! (Photos)

    I'm super frazzled and extremely upset and because it's a Sunday these babies can't get to a vet right now. This morning I met with a breeder to purchase six pilgrim goslings, 4 (1MO) and 2 (2W)...before he even opened the box I could smell the rot coming off of them. They were absolutely caked...
  2. 3xhhheather

    Bald Eagles

    The past couple of weeks my husband & I kept hearing what sounded like an eagle, we looked up the closest nesting areas are about 10 miles away. Well, today I saw it! Just skating on the wind, it felt so wild to see it, but then of course this is a new issue to deal with. I have three guard...
  3. 3xhhheather

    Black Swedish

    Looking for any leads on Black Swedish hens, preferably juveniles. I posted in my state thread (NC) but figured it wouldn’t hurt to also share here. About a month ago one of my original babes passed away and it was devastating. It still feels weird just seeing two lil tuxedos running around...
  4. 3xhhheather

    Companion for Partially Blind Duck?

    One of my ducks is currently at the vet after her foamy eye escalated into a nuclear bomb. Since she's most likely blind in that eye I'm wondering if I should try and get her a friend who also has a disability? She was already a bit of a loner in the group and I'm worried this might push her...
  5. 3xhhheather

    Goose Dreams

    Just have to share, yesterday my Ellie was passed out--like wings wide open, neck on the ground, looking all sorts of dead passed out. She slowly started twitching, then while she was asleep let out this huge honk, jumped up, and kept on honking while she ran around with her wings open. I have...
  6. 3xhhheather

    Duck Respiratory Infection

    Trying to make sure I’m covering all the right steps, I’m so worried about my little Mabel and she clearly feels awful. About a week ago while I was hanging outside, Mabel (1YO Ancona Female) went to take a drink out of their pool and ended up coughing up a ton of water and mucus. I think she...
  7. 3xhhheather

    Dust on Barley

    A little bit of a weird question that I can't seem to figure out and I'm too impatient for an email back from my supplier lol I bought a bag of barley and it's covered in what I can only describe as a very sweet and floral smelling dust. I've had this happen once before when I bought buckwheat...
  8. 3xhhheather

    Emergency - Bumblefoot Help!

    Cross posting here too, because TSC closes in two hours - Long story short, one of my girls (1YO Black Swedish Duck, 6lbs) was on the tail end of dealing with a case of bumblefoot--this morning she was fine, and about an hour ago I found her limping and her right leg is extremely swollen and...
  9. 3xhhheather

    Bumblefoot Emergency - Ah!

    Long story short, one of my girls (1YO Black Swede, 6lbs) was on the tail end of dealing with a case of bumblefoot--this morning she was fine, and about an hour ago I found her limping and her right leg is extremely swollen and hot. She's currently soaking in an epsom salt bath and I've ordered...
  10. 3xhhheather

    EE Roo - 2 Months Old - Central NC

    Two-month-old EE Roo from Meyer that just started crowing, would love to keep but I think my neighbors might kill me if I add another layer of noise lol Located in Durham, can meet halfway.
  11. 3xhhheather

    Three - 2MO Female Ducks - Central, NC

    Looking to downsize a bit--two welsh harlequins and one silver appleyard from Cackle. All three are swimming in the pool in the video below. Would love if they could go to the same home as they're all quite bonded with each other.
  12. 3xhhheather

    Help Confirming Breed & Sex

    I have a batch of fifteen chicks from Meyer that are 6 weeks old and supposed to be all females. Looking for help confirming some things as a few have rather pink combs and feather patterns that are confusing to me. I ordered one of each breed and then four EE or Olive Egger Mixes. Barnevelder...
  13. 3xhhheather

    Goose Acting Like A Duck

    Confusing situation I'm in, wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I have been raising three goslings and six ducklings together. They've all been in the same brooder since day one and have had zero issues -- they're just shy of two months old now. All is well except for the fact that...
  14. 3xhhheather

    Ameraucana Feet

    First time with chickens - I have a month-old Ameraucana and I'm wondering if her feet need some extra treatment? Little scabs are appearing and one feather that looks like a pin(?) growing out. The brooder stays tidy and is filled with flake pine shavings, I do give the birds some dirt to...
  15. 3xhhheather

    Gander - Central NC

    Posting here to boost - Looking to rehome my 1YO gander - it's breaking my heart, but I don't see a way to keep him. My goose is determined to attack him and it just keeps escalating (keeping them separated stresses him out). His feathers are finally growing back in after her ripping them out...
  16. 3xhhheather

    Planning Egg Amounts

    Hope this is the right place to post--I'm planning to do a CSA-style box for family & friends next year and would like to include eggs. I currently have 15 chicks in the brooder and am considering placing an additional order for 15 more. Everyone interested is into the rainbow look for eggs, or...
  17. 3xhhheather

    They have arrived!

    Alrighty, got the call early this morning and luckily picked up a box of 15 fluff balls from the post office. About half of the chicks are really sleepy. Everyone got their beaks dipped in the waterer with save-a-chick and scratched in some feed. The air temp in the room is about 80, but some of...
  18. 3xhhheather

    Small Eggs

    About a month ago I moved all my ducks into the same coop -- they have been hanging out together in the same pen since November. From the beginning, two of them have laid torpedos and then the other three lay good size duck eggs. After moving everyone in together all the eggs have been trending...
  19. 3xhhheather

    New Additions!

    These girls joined me Wednesday morning and are already growing like weeds (little fluff balls have grown necks!). They're full of opinions and have zero chill, so of course, I think they're perfect 😻 the weather looks pretty good next week, can't wait to take them on little field trips outside.
  20. 3xhhheather

    Tufted Duckling & Heat Plate

    Morning! So picked up a box of peeping ducklings and Cackle threw in extras! Well, one of them is tufted and I only have a premier one and brinsea heat plates. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that the tufted ducklings cannot use these as they're actually missing a piece of their skull...
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