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    Lopsided head and walking slow and low

    Help! When I let my 6 girls out today. One of them was walking really slow and staying low to the ground. Her head was lopsided and she wasn’t making any noise. She drank water and ate a little . She couldn’t keep up with the others, but finally made it to their bath spot. At dusk I went to...
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    Rooster adoption

    I have been asked to take a rooster into my flock of 6 hens. This rooster does not have any tail feathers. In it’s current home another rooster and the hens are pecking it. I have never had a rooster and I am not sure if I could figure out what to do with this injured one. Do you put anything...
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    Will my metal nesting lockers be to cold?

    Inside of a big wooden box I am using 4 old metal lockers as nest boxes. On the other side of the barn I can open the locker door and get my eggs. It working great, however I was wondering if the metal lockers will be a problem this winter. Since they are inside the box they are always dry. I...
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    Roosting area, I like it so why don’t those darn hens!

    So I built my ladies a ladder roost used 2x2 for ladder steps, top three, where I assumed they would roost, are 2x4’s. The are not roosting there, they have decided to roost on the round pole (10 ft top rail of the cage) which is covered with chicken wire. They wil go up and down the ladder...
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    I need coop/run suggestions (see pics)

    I used 2 10x10 chain link dog kennels attached to the side of my equipment shed for my coop/run. Only one is currently being used but I plan to put an opening in the middle really soon so my chicks can go between the 2. It is starting to get colder here in Tn, so I am worried about what to do...
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    New slightly embarrassed chicken owner

    Hello everyone, I’m near Gatlinburg Tennesse, the greatest place in the world. Hubby and I decide to buy a little farm with 12 acres, which needed tons of work. Six years later still working on things but have finally managed to get a few chickens. Six months ago we went to tractor supply and...
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