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  1. Anianna

    They're Just Dying

    Most of our young flock had perished by the time we started Corid. One survived, so we got a few more young feathered chickens and put them on Corid right away. We have had them for a week and a half with no symptoms and no deaths. Now we know we need to treat any newcomers with a preventive...
  2. Anianna

    They're Just Dying

    Thank you. We'll give that a try.
  3. Anianna

    They're Just Dying

    Thank you. They have eaten the food each day (chick crumbles) and inside the coop is not wet. We have seen them drinking the water. I am concerned that the coop itself may be toxic, but it seemed odd that they were fine while locked in and then died after they got to come out during the day...
  4. Anianna

    They're Just Dying

    Last year, we had several young chickens just lay down and die. We thought perhaps we bought them ill. This year, we bought more young chickens from a completely different source. They are old enough to have both feathers and fluff, but mostly feathers. We got 10 comets and 10 barred rocks...
  5. Anianna

    Help! Yokohama Chicken Flew Away-what To Do

    My chickens do that when the hawk screeches. Did you see if you could find the sound? We are surrounded by woods and I can imagine how fruitless it must feel for you to go searching, but you never know, especially if you have experience bird hunting. I don't suppose you have older kiddos who...
  6. Anianna

    Rabbit and chickens

    My coop is a barn that also contains rabbits. However, my rabbits are in raised wire cages and we keep the chickens from roosting above the rabbits so the rabbits don't get pooped on. If you search on here for the same topic, you will find that it has been discussed many times. Some people...
  7. Anianna

    Horses and Bugs Question

    Thank you everybody. I'll see what I can do to help the instructor. The area doesn't have much of a mosquito problem that I have seen, but her property always seems to have them. She says it's because there is always water out for the horses, so I worry how she is watering them. She always...
  8. Anianna

    Horses and Bugs Question

    My daughter takes riding lessons with a lady who has a bunch of horses. She is having a bad bug problem this year. She had been keeping chickens and guineas to take care of much of the problem, but there is a pair of foxes near her property she hasn't been able to get rid of that are making it...
  9. Anianna

    Strange neck behavior

    Quote: My bird does not have any crop issues and the bulge at the side of the neck is more of a muscular tightness, to aid this uncontrolled neck movement. What exactly IS wry neck?? Wry neck is a muscular issue in the neck that can result in a permanently crooked neck. A bent neck can be a...
  10. Anianna

    Strange neck behavior

    Quote: I'm not entirely clear what you mean. Is her neck always like shown in the picture or does she put her head up at all? There is information about treating wry neck in the first link in my signature, but if she is able to hold her head up properly, that may not be what you are dealing...
  11. Anianna

    Strange neck behavior

    If not, she probably just has enough blockage to really irritate her. There is information on impacted and sour crop in the first link in my signature. You say her crop has been large for a long time, does she have access to grit? If she appears to be yawning, though, I would say it is...
  12. Anianna

    Poultry Dust?

    Does the label say it can be used directly on the chickens? If it can, I would apply it like Sevin Dust. Put the chicken in a bag but leave the head out of the bag (do not ever put the chicken's head in the bag). Add the dust to the bag and hold closed at the chicken's neck. Gently shake to...
  13. Anianna

    Strange neck behavior

    Do either of you see your chicken hold her mouth open somethings like she's yawning?
  14. Anianna

    What is Infesting My Chookies?

    I thought they had some dirt or shavings on them, but when I saw head flicking, I knew we had a pest problem. Upon closer examination, I see that whatever is pestering my chickens is a tiny flying bug that doesn't appear to be mosquitoes or gnats and are all over them instead of just flying...
  15. Anianna

    Gimpy chick! What's her fate? (pics)

    You may find the Poultry Podiatry page helpful.
  16. Anianna

    How to Cure Crop Bound Chooks!

    I will warn you that the surgery should not be your first course of action. Also, you massage the crop rather than trying to squeeze it out. The olive oil works to soften and lubricate the mass and massage will help break it up. Also, provide grit so that as it starts to break up, the chicken...
  17. Anianna

    Smudge! AGAIN! Bloody Poop

    Quote: Are they showing symptoms? Did something change?
  18. Anianna

    Chicks dying... what can I do?

    Quote: That really looks and sounds like coccidiosis to me. I would get Corid or Sumlet.
  19. Anianna

    Year old wyandotte fails to thrive...others fine

    Yes, cedar is bad for the chickens' respiratory system. It's not really good for any small animal and it ticks me off that companies sell it for use with small animals.
  20. Anianna

    Year old wyandotte fails to thrive...others fine

    This site has information about organically removing mites from plants. Perhaps there is something there you can use for the chickens. None of those plants that mites don't like are on the list of plants toxic to chickens. Perhaps you could plant some in pots in the coop and around the coop...
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