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  1. Anianna

    They're Just Dying

    Last year, we had several young chickens just lay down and die. We thought perhaps we bought them ill. This year, we bought more young chickens from a completely different source. They are old enough to have both feathers and fluff, but mostly feathers. We got 10 comets and 10 barred rocks...
  2. Anianna

    Horses and Bugs Question

    My daughter takes riding lessons with a lady who has a bunch of horses. She is having a bad bug problem this year. She had been keeping chickens and guineas to take care of much of the problem, but there is a pair of foxes near her property she hasn't been able to get rid of that are making it...
  3. Anianna

    What is Infesting My Chookies?

    I thought they had some dirt or shavings on them, but when I saw head flicking, I knew we had a pest problem. Upon closer examination, I see that whatever is pestering my chickens is a tiny flying bug that doesn't appear to be mosquitoes or gnats and are all over them instead of just flying...
  4. Anianna

    Medical Treatments Recommended by BYCers

    NOTICE: These are not necessarily veterinary recommendations. These are simply treatments that have worked for those recommending them. Use them at your own risk. Whenever possible/feasible, please seek the advice of a livestock or avian vet. Also, this list is a light general reference and...
  5. Anianna


    I find it more difficult to read guinea behavior than chicken behavior. It has been pretty warm here, so I haven't had the brooder lamp on 24/7. At night, it is getting down to about 75 where they are, though, so I go ahead and turn it on which raises the temp to about 85 in that portion of...
  6. Anianna

    My Keets are Here!

    My new week-old keets are here! Ok, I know that adult guineas are loud and annoying. I'm willing to put up with that. But I didn't know this little keet and one of her friends would sound exactly like my smoke alarms!!! Holy mackerel!! The decibals these tiny little things can emit is...
  7. Anianna


    The local feed stores don't sell gamebird or turkey feed. I will be traveling to a more distant shop that I have been told does carry these, but for now, all I have is chick grower. What should I supplement the grower with to improve my keets' protein consumption in the meantime?
  8. Anianna

    Anybody Use a Mister for Cooling?

    I have been trying to find a suitable misting system for a large coop (barn, actually), but I keep coming across reviews of leaky systems. I do not want a leaky mister around my animals. Can anybody recommend a good mister system to use in a coop?
  9. Anianna

    Quick Question - Now with Pics

    I'm picking up my week-old keets Friday. I have heard that keets can fly even better than young chickens. My brooder is an open-top tub and my chickens were about 4 weeks old before they could get out with great effort (the outward angle of the sides make flying out a little more difficult)...
  10. Anianna

    Breeding the Home Flock

    Backyard Poultry Magazine has an article called Breeding the Home Flock that I thought some of my fellow BYCers might find informational. Enjoy!
  11. Anianna

    Backyard Poultry Magazine

    has an article about coop building I thought my fellow BYCers might be interested in reading. * I would not recommend using poultry wire at all. The stuff is worthless and does almost nothing to protect your flock. Use hardware cloth (which is a stronger, tighter wire mesh).
  12. Anianna

    Blu-Kote Warning

    I have noticed that a lot of people use or recommend Blu-Kote for chicken care, but I would not recommend it for use on chickens. Like cats, chickens pick and preen at themselves and there is no way to stop them. Also, the warnings for Blu-Kote specifically state not to use it on food...
  13. Anianna

    Afraid to Touch my Chicks

    I have salmonella, probably not from my chicks, but I have been so frighteningly, terribly sick that I am now afraid to touch my chicks at all. I am in so much pain and haven't been able to eat for weeks. I pretty much sleep for 20 hours a day and am incredibly tired the four for which I am...
  14. Anianna

    Lindt Chocolate Mini Chicks

    I can't eat them anymore. I just can't. I don't have a problem eating an animal, but they grow up and they're not so cute any more. My parents gave me these chocolate mini chicks for easter and I've never had such a problem with this sort of thing before. It's just chocolate, but it looks...
  15. Anianna

    List of Hatcheries?

    Is there a list of hatcheries and farms somewhere (and maybe tips on why or why not to use each)?
  16. Anianna

    What is a "straight run"?

  17. Anianna

    Fed Up with TSC Chicks

    I wrote TSC requesting more information on the Tetra Tints chicks they supposedly sell "exclusively". There are already complaints all over these forums about TSC employees' general lack of knowledge regarding the chicks they sell as well as complaints of a high roo to pullet ratio. I don't...
  18. Anianna

    Telling Gender by Feather Development

    Several BYCers have indicated that you can sometimes guess gender early on by feather development. Roos tend to feather more slowly. Here are some pictures I think may demonstrate this in chicks that are about a week old. Most of my Delawares have wing feathers about this length: Except for...
  19. Anianna

    Educatinal Resources for a New Breeder, Please

    I am interested in breeding Delawares and Delaware sex links, but I want to learn more before I make a final decision on the matter. Could you recommend books, subscriptions, or websites (other than the forums here, which I will continue to glean for information) that will give me the best...
  20. Anianna

    Mealworm Sources?

    I want a temporary source of meal worms while my chickies are young to bribe them to come to me and perhaps for the occasional treat as they get older. I live between two large rivers and went to the bait shops, but nobody here carries meal worms. I don't particularly want to raise my own nor...
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