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  1. mljohnson05

    HELP PLEASE ! Need help with Bantam Gender?

    1.5 Years ago we got a OEG bantam and a porcelain d'uccle bantam from son kept asking over and over to hatch eggs, and after enough begging, my husband said ok. My question is... can you FEATHER sex the babies of theses 3 chickens....If it can, then i know both are pullets.... is...
  2. mljohnson05

    Need Help Please!....still Soft !

    I have never had issues with pullets having soft eggs... However this year my silkie (who is about 6 months old) Just started laying eggs. all 4-5 eggs (that is all she has layed) have been soft/thin rubbery shell, and because of that she has eaten the yolk. She has layer feed, and free choice...
  3. mljohnson05

    HELP!!!!!... PHOTO UPDATE..MY BRAVE Roo....Doing better now....

    First of my coop is inside of a bigger run...the run and coop are all covered with hardware cloth, and I have a hardware cloth Apron/skirting all the way around!!! And it is a all Covered on top too !!! I wake up to my only 8 week OEG ROO SCREAMING !!!! I run outside to see a COON has gotten...
  4. mljohnson05

    Are these SILKIES Still PULLETS???

    I believe they are around 5.5 - 6 months old. I was told by the Breeder that they were all pullets at the time that I got them: but I know silkies are hard to sex....And so after waiting a while, I feel it is safe to ask what you all think please??? #1 #2 #3..(This last one has some Feather...
  5. mljohnson05

    Meet My Silkies

    Just wanted to post pics of my 3 Silkie Ladies...They are so laid back, Love their baths and fall asleep to the hair dryer on them. My 5 year old son Loves them so much, an they even put up with him holding them. So What do you think of them?
  6. mljohnson05

    WTB Bantam PULLETS (Central Missouri)

    I live in the Moberly/Columbia Missouri area. WTB 3 Cochin Bantam PULLETS....Prefer to be 6-10 weeks old. Any variety as long as they are Cochin Bantam Pullets. At this point any Breed of bantam I would be willing to long as it is Bantam Pullets.. And Because I am disabled (due to my...
  7. mljohnson05

    Central Missouri...I Need Your Help !

    Ok so I have been posting in WTB section with no real luck...and have been looking around locally with NO LUCK I NEED 3 Bantam PULLETS... (Will Buy of course) I prefer Cochin, frizzle or D'uccle, but any will do. Wanting them to be "Around" 8 weeks old so it is easier to mix with what I have...
  8. mljohnson05

    WTB Bantam Pullets (Central Missouri)

    I live in the Moberly/Columbia Missouri area. WTB 3 Cochin Bantam PULLETS....Prefer to be 6-10 weeks old. Any variety as long as they are Cochin Bantam Pullets. PM me through here, and thank you in advance
  9. mljohnson05

    WTB Cochin Bantam PULLETS (Missouri)

    I live in the Moberly/Columbia Missouri area. WTB 3 Cochin Bantam PULLETS....Prefer to be 6-10 weeks old. Any variety as long as they are Cochin Bantam Pullets. PM me through here, and thank you in advance --Laura--
  10. mljohnson05

    HELP..I Don't know what to Do!!!!

    Ok so yesterday I posted that my Silver Sebright Bantam had constant Runny to watery brown stools that STINK EVERY TIME!!!! She is still having them tday, and seems a little less active, but still eating and drinking just fine. I seperated her from the others (which ticked er off and she will...
  11. mljohnson05

    HELP....WORRIED about me 5 week old Bantam !!! my silver sebright bantam that is 5 1/2 weeks just started have constant diarrhea today. I know about that "poop" link and I use it all the time. They have been kept inside since we got them at 1 day old.....and they go out for 1 hour a day to free range until the coop outside is done...
  12. mljohnson05

    HELP..Is my Pullet still a pullet????

    My red Cochin is 5 weeks old now, just like my other 3 bantams are. My OEG bantam ROO has a very pronounced red comb and I know her is a roo, but this little girl (I pray is girl) is fooling me now. Everyone on here has so far thought Pullet, but here are recent pics, so lets see if she is still...
  13. mljohnson05

    HELP..New..what to feed ?

    OK, so I am new and so I know this will sound sorry in advance First off I have 4 bantam chicks (pullet- red Cochin, Pullet- porcelain d'uccle, Pullet- Silver Sebright and a ROO- OEG) I CANNOT separate them to feed because they are all so attached to each other and scream none stop if...
  14. mljohnson05

    Breed Game !!! **pic Heavy**

    now that all my bantams are 5 weeks old, lets play the Breed game I will put what I think it is, and if you all could tell me if I am right #1 ( Pullet Red Cochin Bantam---and cuddle bug) #2 (Pullet SILVER Sebright Bantam-Miss loud mouth and escape artist) #3 (porcelain d'uccle...
  15. mljohnson05

    HELP..Is This Normal

    I have 4 bantam chicks all 5 weeks old... since day 1 the Old English Bantam would Sometimes (not all the time) do this "quick/fast" head shake like something was bothering him. He eats very well, drinks great, is growing Big....when i peek in on them....he hardly does the head shake...but if...
  16. mljohnson05

    HELP...Is My Red Cochin a Pullet?????

    Here are updated Pics of my Red Cochin Bantam....She/He is 5 Weeks old 2morrow....Was wondering if it is a Pullet....She/he is the Sweetest chick, and so gentile..Thank you in Advance
  17. mljohnson05

    HELP need to know Cockrels or Pullets???

    Ok, so these are the last 2 I rely kneed to know sex....I PRAY Pullets. Both are 4 1/2 weeks old and feathered feet CHICK #1 (4 pics of her/him) CHICK # 2 ( 3 pics of Her/him) Not sure if you can tell the true color in pic, but comb on head is bright yellow...and this chicks Feathers that...
  18. mljohnson05

    HELP with Type of Bantam PLZ

    I need help with type of bantam these are Plz....they are all 4 weeks old, i will give more detail with each pic..thank you so much in advance CHICK # 1.. Feathering on feet and legs and their feathers are SOOOO SOFT, much softer an fluffier than the other chicks I was guessind in...
  19. mljohnson05

    New from Missouri

    I have posted only a few times, but i am a new joiner that just wanted to say HI to everyone....I am new to raising chickens, though i have done a ton of research b4 making this choice. I have to say i fell in love with my 4 new chicks already, and they are only 4 weeks old. I am from a small...
  20. mljohnson05

    HELP....Need to know Gender FAST !

    All 4 are bantams.....and 4 weeks or so old...what i was told was 3 hens and a roo by the hatcher....but i need to make sure b4 Decisions are made...but i have grown to love them all...PLZ PLZ help !!! They all hatched the same day....Chick #1 was the ONLY one to be slow on feather growth, and...
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