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  1. taxus812

    the Girls were a hit at the party

    This was fun and we were glad we did it. We decided to give each guest a cup of peanuts to feed to the chickens. The kids had soooo much fun and I am sure the girls are already looking forward to the next party . A surprizing development was many of the kids asked for eggs to take home, so the...
  2. taxus812

    Chicken Costume

    Ok I decieded to try my hand at sewing. My daughter REALLY wanted to be a chicken for halloween.
  3. taxus812

    buttons broke a soft egg inside and is bleeding tonight

    My 7 year old just came in the house covered in blood. She said Buttons had laid an egg without a shell. She then said she said she saw something hanging out of her vent and it was covered with blood she also said she pulled some shell out of her vent and that is how she got covered in blood...
  4. taxus812

    Its foghorn leghons birthday today

    I herd on the radio that today was the debut of foghorn leghorn in 1946
  5. taxus812

    I hung a head of cabbage in the coop - totally worth it.

    I hung a half a head of cabbage in the girls run today. I used a piece of cloths line tied to an eye screw. The girls went nuts. I must have laughed for an hour. I wonder if I should submit this for the pic of the day
  6. taxus812

    Laying box tray\liner idea.

    While I was painting I came up with an idea for a liner for my laying boxes. I cut a kitty litter bucket in half to use as a liner. The ridge around the top makes it slop towards the back. Anyone ever try this ? how did it work out?
  7. taxus812

    OK you broke me down and I painted

    I had a gallon of paint going to waste and decided to use it. While I was at it I did some work on the laying box based on some good posts here (added the hynie hider and lowered the perch) . I caulked all of the joints with a painters caulk first. I think it made a big difference. Before...
  8. taxus812

    Ok what exactly is "scratch"

    I have seen some references to "scratch" and realized I must be missing something. I feed them Starter crumbles and let them run the yard for food. (about to change soon). I put down some grit too. When I went to tractor suppy I didnt see anything labled "scratch" I have 6 young 8-9 week...
  9. taxus812

    Went to put the girls to bed and they were gone :p

    The other day I went to put the girls to bed and I didnt see them in the coop. My heart nearly stopped...... Then I could hear scamper scamper peep peep and realized where they had gone. I opend the egg door and there inside were all 6 chicks piled into one of my nest boxes. whats with...
  10. taxus812

    Letting you kids Manhandle your chicks

    I wanted to ask if anyone lets their kids manhandle their chicks. I have a 5 year old and a 6 year old. They love our girls and I have found that the coop is a place they tend to want to go to to get away from the other kids a bit. With that, they also love to hold the chicks. They are gental...
  11. taxus812

    Do you monitor Humidity

    After adding ventelation, changing bedding to wood shavings, and adding a dusting of DE, I was curious on the TEMP&Humidity of the hen house (inside coop, still not sure what to call it) . I have an old brookstone weather station with remote sensors. I put one in the hen house,one in my...
  12. taxus812

    Question for folks with 4x4 coops with 6 or more chickens

    Morning, I have a question for folks that have 4x4 hen house with more than 4 chickens. What issues are you experiancing (if any)? what are you doing to aleviate them. Do you have large birds or small birds? I am looking for specific cases so I can prepare. I got some diffrent info when...
  13. taxus812

    Nesting\laying box question.

    I was looking over other posts and see that a lot of folks have have circle cutouts as the opening for the nesting box. I was wondering why ? I was considering adding something to mine (mine seemed kinda open)
  14. taxus812

    Double your budget

    CityChooks, I was just reading your member pages and was ROFL. I was just stewing about how I had a $350 budget for the coop (calculated it on my handy dandy spreadsheet) and somehow spent $650. I feel better now. Is this a comon theme ?
  15. taxus812

    Added Laying Box and a new vent.

    I added the laying box with egg door today and wanted to share (that wire is for a waterer and the removable perches are outside) After reading PatandChickens page on ventilation, I also decided to add a 14" octagon vent (covered with hardware cloth) . Along with a screen window (I...
  16. taxus812

    Another newbie :)

    Hi folks I wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for all the good pictures of your coops. They were very helpful. I just put together my page Hoping to share my experiance with other newbies. I am sure I made a lot...
  17. taxus812

    New coop - (and chicken wrangler) - what to put on the run floor.

    Hi folks, Wow I wished I had found this forum before I started great info! Well I was encouraged by family to act on a long term desire and get some chickens (I had a hand full of chicks handed to me at the local tractor supply and I could not say no to a 5 and 6 year old.) I rushed to build...
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