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  1. Bawkmeow

    Sick silkie. Help

    I have a sick silkie. She went to the the bet a week ago. She had a egg break inside and is on antibiotics and an anti inflammatory. She has not been eating well and this morning is very weak. I think she need vitamins? Food? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Bawkmeow

    Pale combs and waddles.

    I have a BR and Lav. Orpington that went through a late hard molt. They were almost bald and we live in WI. The weather dipped enough for them to be uncomfortably cold besides the normal uncomfortable with molting. They are on almost week 3-4ish and have enough feathers to cover and keep warm...
  3. Bawkmeow

    Wry neck?

    I believe my bantam Cochin Roxie has wry neck. She is pretty bad. I noticed a head tilt 3 days ago and it progressed. I separated and started treatment 2 days ago. Vitamin E extra spinach vitamins in water. Her normal grower food (she is roughly 6 months) offer a mix of oats. Sunflower seeds...
  4. Bawkmeow

    introduction of new bird

    I am considering adding a new bird/birds to my flock. I have 2 coops and 2 runs. the 2 runs have a joint wall that has a pop door that can open so they can mix. One side my original girls BR, Lav Orpington, EE,Isbar,2Silkies and Bantam Cochin. Other side this year chicks 2 silkies and 1 bantam...
  5. Bawkmeow

    Broody Girls

    I have two 1 year old silkie and one 1 year old bantam Cochin. So far this spring until now I have had Pixie (silkie) go broody twice Russett (Cochin) go broody twice. And Poppy (silkie) broody once. I used the wire cage method to break them and it worked fine but I have two 25 week old silkies...
  6. Bawkmeow

    Thanks for the add

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