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  1. GiniFritz929

    Silkie behavior

    So it’s been determined that my Buff Sebright Bantam (Rural Kings breed determination) is actually a Silkie. That’s fine with us, we just wanted one of our chickens to be small for our 7 year old. Well everything I have read on Silkies say how friendly & loving they are. That they love to be...
  2. GiniFritz929

    My Chickaletta

    When we bought our 8 chickens in February the guy at Rural King suggested we get a Buff Sebright Bantam for our 7 yr old son. She is adorable and we love her but not sure if she looks the way she is suppose to (if that makes sense). I know Bantams are a smaller breed but where the other girls...
  3. GiniFritz929

    New chick mom

    Hello everyone!! My name is Ginny & live in Florida. We just got our babies yesterday from Rural King, 8 little girls. My husband had chickens years ago before we met, but this is my first experience raising chickens. My step son who is 7 is equally excited. I look forward to being able to ask...
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