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  1. exactlyzac

    Early Signs of Scaly Leg Mites?

    Hi all, This is my sweet Rosie. She is 2 1/2 years old, and I noticed some of her leg scales were a little raised about 6 weeks ago, and they still look about the same. Any thoughts about what this might be??
  2. exactlyzac

    Water Belly // Ascites :: Hypodermic Needle Won't Drain Fluids

    Hello all my lovely chicken folks! I have a bit of an advanced question for y'all regarding water belly. I'm completely bewildered by this one so maybe one of you smarties could help?! IN A NUTSHELL: The patient is a 2 year old silver laced Wyandotte named Celosia (after the flower). She has...
  3. exactlyzac

    Hard molt in January with watery diarreah and lethargy

    Moving from another thread to here Thanks @azygous Quote
  4. exactlyzac

    Help! My wife is mad at me for feeding the chickens pizza!

    Can someone please help me convince her that it's okay for the girls to have fun table scraps? Everything in moderation right?! EDIT: Our girls usually get much smaller quantities of veggie scraps, but this was a couple of weeks ago on New Years Day and all the girls were fine 🙃
  5. exactlyzac

    Wrinkly Eggs From an Otherwise Healthy Hen

    Hey all, My Calla is a big, beautiful 1 year old black sex link who has been laying wrinkly eggs for several months now. I've read that Infectious Bronchitis (IB) could be a cause, and I have a couple other girls in my flock of 6 who have done some sneezing lately, but no other symptoms that...
  6. exactlyzac

    Can chickens get COVID 19 from humans?

    I know scientists can't say for sure yet, but has anyone out there hung out with their chickens while infected with Coronavirus?? If so, how did the chickens do afterwords? I'm out there with a mask and gloves every day just to be safe, but wanted to know what y'all are up to. - Z
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